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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Miami Beach Marina

400 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

  • Distance : 1.63
  • Attraction : Shopping District

Welcome to Magic City! Prepare to be wowed by the fantastic beaches and nightlife Miami Beach offers. Our first stop today, along the right side of the road, will be at the Miami Beach Marina, also known as the Gateway to the Caribbean. Think beautiful water, shaded palm trees, and stunning views as boards dock from a recent adventure. The marina has existed since 1979, providing Miami residents with the luxury craved today. The cool blue-green water is excellent for a day of fishing or sailing. Don't own a boat? The marina offers several attractions that can help you gain your sea legs. Try a boat tour with Ocean Force Adventures, and you might just get a visit from a school of dolphins. If you want something a bit more adventurous, try parasailing with FLYSOBE Parasail. Imagine gaining an aerial view of Miami with views that cover both land and sea. Tours leave every 90 minutes from 10 am to 5:30 pm, the perfect time of day to view life from the sky. Other attractions around the marina to get your blood pumping includes the Tarpoon Lagoon Diving Center and a collection of water sports – there’s something fun for everyone! After a day of adventure and water fun, you are sure to have built up an appetite. Texas De Brazil is raved about by many that go. This family-owned restaurant has customers coming for more because of their element of choice. A parade of all-you-can-eat grilled meats is brought to your table and cut in front of you. You can choose what you desire, how it's cooked and how much. Texas De Brazil is great for a night out, but you can also stop by for lunch on weekends. If you're looking for something a little different, Monty's Sunset is the place for casual dining with a western view over Biscayne Bay. The restaurant is located along the docks giving the perfect lighting for a special moment or that food selfie. With live music on weekends, you’ll be serenaded as the sun sinks over the water. But, if you’re not quite ready to end your day of adventure with a sit-down meal, then Miami Beach Deli Market is a great choice. They are perfect for the on-the-go adventurer to grab a sandwich or a wrap and keep it moving. They offer a variety of lunch staples and other necessities. Forgot something before you came? Make sure you tour around the market section; they are stocked with many of the essentials. Now that we’ve seen a good bit of the South Pointe area, follow your GPS up Washington avenue to the Miami Beach Boardwalk!

Point #2
Miami Beach Boardwalk

15th Street & Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

  • Distance : 0.83
  • Attraction : Historic Boardwalk

Are you ready for something that genuinely brings the Magic to Magic City? Then welcome to our next stop, the Miami Beach boardwalk, which stretches seven miles along the picturesque Atlantic coast. It’s an excellent location for walks on the beach or a casual stroll on the pavement. The boardwalk stretches from Indian Beach Park at 46th Street and Collins Ave. south to South Point Park. This long stretch of pavement is perfect for that morning jog or getting those steps in. Besides being a picture-perfect location for a stroll, the boardwalk has numerous attractions that pull tourists and locals. One can't-miss area is Espanola Way, the first commercial development in Miami Beach. In the 1920s, Espanola way was created as an artist colony. Today, this pedestrian-only street is a hub for creating and celebrating. The story of the Miami boardwalk began in the 1920s. This happened when a building boom brought the city out of the Depression. This part of the community became known as South Beach, or the art deco district. Part of the name art deco is attributed to the architecture and block-like buildings in the surrounding area. Many World War II soldiers passed through Miami, as this was one of many training grounds during the war. When many veterans returned, Miami became their home, aiding the population boom following the war. The population grew from 600 hundred to today's population of over 90 thousand. Now we’re going to head over to the Lincoln street mall, a walkable outdoor shopping center that spans several city blocks!

Point #3
Juvia Restaurant and Lincoln Street Mall

1630 Lenox Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

  • Distance : 0.50
  • Attraction : Outdoor Shopping Mall

On your left, you’ll find Juvia Restaurant. Juvia is a rooftop lounge with a view patrons don't want to miss. Juvia is named after the indigenous Brazilian nut Tree. The tree is one of the largest in the Amazon rainforest, with an incredibly long lifespan. The nature of this tree is fitting for the restaurant's name as the menu embraces nature's bounty by sourcing its ingredients locally and globally. They have an extensive menu ranging from Brunch to dinner. For those special occasions, they have a Champagne bar with five by-the-glass selections. Juvia also has an extensive collection of cocktails, like their signature "Magic Potion". Patrons rave about the rooftop restaurant's vibe and atmosphere, providing an excellent backdrop for any photography. Another wonder of the boardwalk is the Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall. Initially, the land used to house the mall was a forest of mangroves, similar to the land that covered the rest of Miami before its development. In 1912 most of that land was cleared by Carl Fisher, making this the location for the future social center of Miami. Lincoln Road has many things to make your experience easier, such as parking garages and the Miami Beach Airport Express Bus making transportation a little easier. Lincoln Road also has an abundance of cafes, restaurants, and shops to keep you energized and entertained all day. One local fave is Spris, perfect for a slice of deliciously thin-crust pizza. The vibe is casual and great for those energized by being around others. For a quick snack or an espresso pick-me-up, many visitors recommend Paul Bakery Cafe. The outside seating offers a refreshing break from walking up and down the strip, perfect for getting your second wind. Now, let’s head to the east end of Lincoln street to see a spot that really puts the magic in “Magic City”!

Point #4
Museum of Illusions

Pennsylvania Ave & Lincoln Rd (H & M), Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

  • Distance : 0.37
  • Attraction : Museum

Welcome to our next stop, the Museum of Illusions. This quirky art museum is one of Miami's highlights. Its interactive elements are part of the fun, making the 3D structure ready for stunning social media posts. The museum was created with the visitor in mind, focusing on creating memories as patrons make their way through different exhibits. In turn, you are a character in your own fairy tale or story, exploring the elements hidden within the mysteries of the illusions. The exhibits are created by some of the best artists, adding to Miami's creative nature. While planning your visit, remember there are over 40 different interactive 3D exhibits for you to enjoy and take that mind-bending selfie. Photography is strongly encouraged as you adventure through the unthinkable. Maybe you'll experience being eaten by a T-rex or standing on a ledge while still touching the ground. Either way, you create your story between the hours of 11 am and 9 pm, but 10 pm on Friday and Saturdays. Following Pennsylvania Avenue north of Lincoln Street, you’ll pass the New World Center on your right, which brings its own entertainment to Miami. New World Center is a concert hall and music school home to the New World Symphony. The building is a multi-level structure with six stories of natural lighting and views of the Art Deco community of Miami. Art surrounds this creative structure. New World Center is open for tours and ongoing events, events changing monthly, matching the well-rounded nature of the community.

Point #5
Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

713 19th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

  • Distance : 3.00
  • Attraction : Botanical Garden

Look out your right-hand window to see the 2.6-acre Botanical Gardens of Miami. In 1962 the Garden Center was created on a vacant lot. Then the land was used and operated as a city park. However, the land has always had a rich history around plants and nature. In the early 1900s, the land was a canal used to transport avocados and mangos by boat to the Port of Miami. This deed provided support and wages to many in the community. The Botanical Gardens follows through today by supporting their community by possessing a mission statement with a primary pillar of environmental enjoyment. Many who choose to visit Miami's Botanical Garden enjoy the tranquil and refreshing environment offered. One element is the Japanese garden. This beautiful garden nook is marked by a lacquered bridge stretching over a quaint pond with water lilies. When looking close enough, the occasional dragonfly or koi can be spotted in the water. Feng Shui, a traditional practice originating in ancient China, is an art form of arranging objects within an area to create an energy of harmony and balance. The practice has stretched throughout other western cultures and contributes to the arrangement of the stone lanterns that reside within the Japanese garden. Some plants that many come to see include a variety of tropical bamboo, golden trumpet tree, and the red powder shrub. Along with the Japanese Garden, a central focal point is the many water features. Besides the pond that accompanies the Japanese garden, other bodies of water are used to help cool the area. Any visitor can't miss the edible garden. Many plants grown here are harvested by the staff of the Botanical Garden and used for workshops and events. Their calendar is stocked with activities that bring alive the beauty and functionality of the garden. Much like the beautiful plants on display in the garden, you may be wondering where you should put down your roots in the beachside soil. Luckily, the next leg of our tour will show you some of the best spots to live at the water’s edge. Follow your navigation up the coast to the Perigon Condominium.

Point #6
The Perigon Condominium

Collins Av & # 5225, Miami Beach, FL 33140, USA

  • Distance : 0.66
  • Attraction : Luxury Homes

Coming up on the right is the 17-story Perigon Condominium. This beautiful Oceanfront condo provides its residents with options of two to four-bedroom units with panoramic views. “Perigon” is a geometric term referring to a 360-degree angle, which in this case refers to the stunning landscapes outside the windows. The condo is like a dream with its sleek aesthetic and beautiful amenities. The looks alone provide a luxury vibe, and the roof overlooking beautiful Miami makes the location even better. With its location and amenities, some of the things Perigon has to offer is a fantastic state-of-the-art gym. Treadmills frame the wall of windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, providing a peaceful view while burning calories. The floor-to-ceiling windows aren't only in the gym but also in the condos, providing abundant natural lighting. The complex also offers a beachside swimming pool framed by the beautiful architecture of the condo and a breathtaking view. Other amenities include a direct entrance onto dedicated beaches and a resident-exclusive oceanside restaurant. For those that must start or end their day with meditation, Perigon also offers meditation lounges and intimate gardens overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Keep heading up Collins Avenue to the next luxury condominium on our list.

Point #7
57 Ocean Condominium

Collins Av & # 5775, Miami Beach, FL 33140, USA

  • Distance : 2.52
  • Attraction : Luxury Homes

Once again on your right is a condo building located in the iconic Millionaire's Row, 57 Ocean Condominium. 57 Ocean offers its residents resort-style amenities such as two infinity pools and a meditation garden while being steps away from the ocean. The pools flow into the meditation garden, making a connection for a picture-perfect moment. Water is used as a significant landscapeing element, throughout the complex. The idyllic aesthetic is relaxing and tranquil, providing refuge for many residents. One aspect that keeps residents happy is the fully furnished 1,700-square-foot condos. They offer a gallery-style kitchen with Italian cabinets providing a sleek and modern design. Wall-to-ceiling windows adorn the master bedrooms providing natural lighting and a view of the ocean from the comfort of your own bed. Stepping onto the 12ft deep terrace works as an extension of the home, providing access to a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Along with this extensive view, 57 Ocean has a Club Room complete with a chef's kitchen. This space is ideal for small and large-scale gatherings with easy access to the pool deck. Keep following this road north to our next stop!

Point #8
Arte Condominium

8918 Florida A1A, Surfside, FL 33154, USA

  • Distance : 4.61
  • Attraction : Luxury Homes

Our next stop is Arte Condominium, located in the pedestrian-friendly neighborhood of Surfside. Its location is a hidden gem with access to the bustling energy of Miami while maintaining a comfortable distance. The structure consists of sixteen oceanfront residences of luxury living. Arte has a selection of resort-style amenities and services, including an impressive spa. One inclusion is a 75-foot indoor lap pool with travertine decking with onyx accents. While you're there, look for the sauna, steam room, and meditation pond. Arte Condo offers fitness and recreation spaces with an outdoor swimming pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a yoga studio. A tennis court is available on the roof. Want to work out with your pet? The recreation area also has a dedicated pet runway. If you're going to entertain guests, then the Arte Condo also has a residents' lounge, a catering kitchen, and a children's playroom. Arte has a beachfront villa of 6,982 square feet. The residents residing in the estate have a private staircase with direct access to the spa and amenity level. It has a beautiful coastal view and three access points, making traveling to the ideal location easier. No matter which home is chosen, each luxury condo ranges in space and dimension, with floor plans accentuating the vast area and timeless landscaping. All right, folks! We’re almost finished with today’s tour. Collins Avenue will take you through scenic Haulover Park and past the iconic Ritz-Carlton Residences and Trump Towers. Then you’ll take a left on 163rd Street and take the drawbridge back to the mainland to our final destination.

Point #9
Intracoastal Mall

3579 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160, USA

  • Distance : 0.00
  • Attraction : High-end Shopping and Dining

You’ve arrived at our last stop, the Intracoastal Mall. This shopping center features 47 stores ranging from apparel and retail to beauty and health. The highlight of the mall is the Lique Waterfront restaurant and lounge. The chic restaurant is a late-night destination with a unique menu spotlighting Mediterranean plates and sushi. They also have a raw bar that provides you with your seafood needs, including Main Lobster and oyster specials. The wine selection also pairs well with their choice of delicacies making the meal well-rounded to be enjoyed. Patrons rave about the great atmosphere and delicious food. The folk aesthetic helps bring everything together with the friendly service. Patio seating is just as excellent as indoor dining. The view from the patio is exquisite, with the potential to see yachts sailing by as you eat. Lique's weekly specials provide a unique experience to patrons. Each day a different theme is presented, from duck to barbeque to Asian-inspired cuisine. Regarding private events, Lique is a great place to host that special occasion. Lique seats 180 guests split between the lounge, indoor dining, and the patio. The decor is reminiscent of a fairy tale. The lush garden waterfront terrace adorning the outdoor patio is reminiscent of Saint Tropez, the beautiful coastal town on the French Riviera. Well, folks, that’s all I’ve got to show you today. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to see the vibrant community here in Miami Beach. If you’re interested in learning more about living along the South Florida coast, make sure to contact our local real estate expert, Rita Japhet! You can reach her by email at rita@sunnyislesrealestate.com and by telephone at (305) 450-6662. Thanks so much for joining me on this UCPlaces tour. Have a wonderful day!