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Welcome to Athens, Greece! A unique city that intertwines their ancient history with the modernity of our current world. Athens is filled to the brim with historical sites, monuments, stores, restaurants, and of course, ancient ruins. So many ancient ruins it is truly mind boggling! Since you have made the decision to travel to Athens, I am sure you know a bit about the most famous locations such as the Acropolis, on the top of the hill in the middle of the city. Instead, my tour will take you through the streets of Athens, still circling around that famous hill, but throughout other parts of the city, that are just as important, so you can truly get a taste of life here in Athens. There is so much to see in this lovely place, so I hope you are ready to experience the culture and history of the Athenians, old and new!

Places: 29 POIs Distance: 1.95 mi Duration: 1h:37m