The tour guide business model has traditionally relied on fair weather conditions that allow for a group of people to be led through set points of interest by an expert storyteller, in the guide’s language, on a specific schedule. So what happens when the weather suddenly turns or when a traveler’s schedule changes at the last minute?

Now via the UCPlaces app, that same experience can be achieved by a family or solo traveler popping in earbuds or connecting to their car’s speakers and easily selecting one of the UCPlaces GPS-led tours, prerecorded by that same expert tour guide, on the customer’s schedule and in their language. Guides can brand their tours on the app and offer them via email lists and social media platforms to their customer base as another great way to enjoy their content.

Tour guides who sign up for UCPlaces membership receive an Expert badge, listing priority on the UCPlaces app and website, as well as the possibility of Expert exclusivity in their defined area of expertise.

Benefits of using the innovative UCPlaces platform:


Expand your reach to a potential new audience


New revenue stream


Expert Level ranking with possibility to “own your category”


Premium placement on the UCPlaces app and website


Affordable to customers on a budget


No scheduling conflicts


Tours can be made available in multiple languages


Adhereance to social distancing guidelines

Anyone can create and share tours on the UCPlaces platform but only tours that are vetted and approved by UCPlaces staff will be published on our website and mobile app. Currently, Tour Guide’s Expert Membership is completely free, but UCPlaces is limiting the number of Experts per city according to expertise (Historical, Architectural, Main Site etc.) and size of area. Cities like New York may have a limit of 30 Experts on different subject matters, while cities like Charleston, SC may have a limit of 5 experts.


How do I become an Expert?

Just sign up for your UCPlaces account and create your first 2 tours, then contact us via our support page and we will review them. If we are wowed by your content and there’s still room on our Expert list, we’ll promote you to that Expert Guide level for a full year without charge.

The process of creating a tour route, recording narration, and setting your tour price is easy!
Also, UCPlaces support team is happy to help you.

Here are few of the options we currently offer

Create your own tours in the UCPlaces platform

Cost to you is free / all profits from tour sales (if applicable) are split 50/50 with UCPlaces

Provide UCPlaces your tour script and we will create and narrate the tour under your profile

$300 (it’s your tour and you earn all commission)

Request UCPlaces to translate your tour to Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean or Japanese

($500- $1,000 depending on number of words in script)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate contacting us via

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