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Hello there and welcome to this UCPlaces tour of Old Jaffa, the ancient heart of Tel-Aviv. My name is Dave and I'm excited to show you around today. This enchanting enclave is a tapestry of time, where history weaves through narrow alleys and stone-paved streets. As we embark on this journey, let the echoes of centuries past guide us through the cobblestone pathways that bear witness to the tales of conquerors, traders, and dreamers. Feel the whisper of the Mediterranean breeze as we stroll along the vibrant Jaffa Port, where the maritime melodies of seafarers resonate in the air. The scent of salt and adventure intertwines with the aroma of freshly caught fish, offering a sensory embrace of Jaffa's maritime legacy. Wander through the labyrinthine lanes adorned with weathered facades and secret courtyards, each revealing a chapter from the city's storied past. Here, ancient structures stand as silent storytellers, sharing the triumphs and tribulations of a place that has weathered the storms of time. Prepare to be captivated by Old Jaffa's allure—a living testament to the enduring spirit of a city that continues to etch its saga on the canvas of time. Please follow your navigation to the Jaffa Clock Tower.

5 Places: 26 POIs Distance: 1.09 mi Duration: 1h:13m

Hello there and welcome to this UCPlaces tour of the exciting city of Tel-Aviv, Israel! My name is Dave and I can't wait to show you around. Be ready to see some beautiful beaches and amazing architecture. Shop at high-end stores and fun, bustling markets. Enjoy exquisite cuisine, and streetside bakeries. But most of all, prepare to just feel the Tel-Aviv life, including plenty of traffic, but friendly drivers. It's all part of the Tel-Aviv experience! As we drive, I'll be sure to tell you all sorts of fun and interesting facts about this incredible city. For starters, "Tel" means an archaeological site. "Aviv" means spring. The source of the name however, is Tel-Abib (a fact most Tel-Avivians will not be aware of) it's from the book Ezekiel, Ezekiel 3:15. Tel-Abib was a place in Babylon and the original name means a place of ruins. The translation to Tel-Aviv means the opposite, a place that blossoms. The witty translation was created by Nahum Sokolov, who has a street named after him not far from where you are right now. Now that we know the meaning behind the name, we are ready to go! Please follow your navigation to our first Point of Interest.

Places: 33 POIs Distance: 15.37 mi Duration: 1h:19m