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Welcome to Osaka, Japan! Osaka is a beautiful city, filled with so many activities, stories, and history. One of the most famous places in all of Osaka though is Osaka Castle Park. The park is of course home to the magnificent Osaka Castle, the striking centerpiece that played a pivotal role in Japanese History, as well as many other historical attractions, such as the Hokoku Shrine and the Nishinomaru Garden. This tour will begin at the true entrance to the castle, Otemon Gate, and we will then make our way through the most prominent locations in the park, to officially make it to the castle and through the final exit of the castle, Sakuramon Gate. Osaka Castle Park is a destination where the echoes of Japan’s feudal history resonate alongside the beauty of cherry blossoms and plums. I invite you to join me on this peaceful walk through the park, as we learn about the history of the castle and the importance this place holds.

Places: 27 POIs Distance: 1.31 mi Duration: 1h:20m