Traditionally realtors have invested heavily in online and offline marketing, social network posts, websites, videos and use of immerging technologies in order to gain exposure and differentiate themselves from the competition. Even with all that investment a realtor is more likely to grow their customer base via word of mouth rather than because of an exciting Facebook post.

UCPlaces now gives realtors the opportunity to provide guided “Where to live” tours of the area they specialize in using an easy-to-use app, gaining exposure to potential prospects who can get to know the neighborhood, as well as the realtor, as if they are driving with them in the same car.

Realtors can create tours for free on the UCPlaces platform and share these tours via their website, social media posts or any other outlet. Agents who sign up for UCPlaces membership receive an Expert badge, listing priority on the UCPlaces app and website, as well as Expert exclusivity in their defined region.

Why UCPlaces?


A new, innovative platform to introduce potential homebuyers to your neighborhood


An effective lead-generation tool


Tours that are branded to your business, linking to social media outlets and websites


An opportunity for exclusivity in your area, edging out competitors


An automatic answer to the “what’s great about this place” question


Another terrific tool in an agent’s toolbox


Tours can be made available in multiple languages


Adhereance to social distancing guidelines

Anyone can create and share tours on the UCPlaces platform but only tours that are vetted and approved by UCPlaces staff will be published on our website and mobile app.

Currently, Realtor’s Expert Membership fee is $500 annually, but if you refer another realtor who signs up for membership, we waive your cost for the first full year! UCPlaces is limiting the number of Experts per city depending on the size of area. Cities like New York may have a limit of 5 Expert realtors per neighborhood while cities like Charleston, SC may have a limit of 5 realtors altogether.


How do I become an Expert?

Just sign up for your UCPlaces account and create your first 2 tours, then contact us via our support page and we will review them. If we are wowed by your content and there’s still room on our Expert list, we’ll promote you to that Expert Guide level for a full year without charge.

The process of creating a tour route and recording narration is easy!
Our support team is happy to help you.

Here are few of the options we currently offer

Create your own tours in the UCPlaces platform


Provide UCPlaces your tour script and we will create and narrate the tour under your profile:

it’s your tour under your brand, your name and your links

Request UCPlaces to translate your tour to Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean or Japanese

($500- $1,000 depending on number of words in script)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate contacting us via

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