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Hello and welcome to this UCPlaces Tour of Dubrovnik Croatia. My name is Dave, and it will be my pleasure today showing you around this jewel of the Adriatic. Known for its Unesco-listed heritage sites with medieval architecture, marble pavings, forts and City Walls, stretching over 1.5 miles that encircle the Old Town and offer amazing views of the Sea. 'Dubrovnik is also one of the major filming locations of Game of Thrones. We will talk more about Kings Landing, the fictional backdrop for parts of the show, and explore some of the shoot areas. Is Winter coming? Maybe, but it's all sunny skies and crystal blue water for now. 'We will begin today in Gradac Park on the outskirts of Old Town. You may park here and we will take off on foot, hugging the coast as we make our way into the center of town. Ready? Great! Let's get started. Follow your navigation and we will begin. '

Places: 22 POIs Distance: 1.31 mi Duration: 1h:10m