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Hello there and welcome to this UCPlaces Where to Live tour of Knoxville, Tennessee. My name is Dave and I'll be showing you around on behalf of real estate expert Marcia Inklebarger. Marcia is an Affiliate Broker and Director of Marketing and Recruiting for Knoxville Real Estate Professionals. She was born and raised in Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee right here in Knoxville, so she really knows her stuff. Go Vols! Marcia also studied dance for 20 years, and unapologetically admits she is addicted to coffee. Aside from real estate, Marcia loves to travel, cook and shop at some of the amazing local businesses I'll be showing you later in this tour. Marcia's approach to real estate is to treat everyone the way she would want to be treated. She treats clients like people, with honesty and integrity, while also educating buyers and sellers through their real estate journey. You can reach her at 865-659-7050 or 865-766-4090 if you have any questions. She would LOVE to chat with you! Take it from Marcia, “Home… is where your story begins.” Speaking of beginning, let's get going on the tour! There's a convenient parking garage at the corner of Walnut and Wall Avenue. Follow your navigation and I'll meet you there!

Places: 14 POIs Distance: 0.92 mi Duration: 46m