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Hi there and welcome to this UCPlaces Where-to-Live tour of Hartwell, Georgia! My name is Shelly and I’ll be showing you around this fun town on behalf of agent Travis Halbrook. With over 20 years of experience in new home construction, renovation, land development, and real estate investing, Travis can show you all the ins and outs of both home buying and Hart County as a whole! Also Travis is a full-time Hartwell Resident, so clearly he loves it here, just like you are bound to as well. After the tour, give Travis Halbrook a call at 706-949-1719. You can also visit his website travishalbrook.georgiamls.com. For now though, let’s get you acquainted with this historic American town! We will be starting out in the historic downtown district of Hartwell so please meet me at the corner of Athens and Howell Street where we will be heading east.

Places: 16 POIs Distance: 17.33 mi Duration: 1h:07m