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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Map Pin536 Conservation Dr, Brampton, ON L6Z 0B8, Canada
Distance : 1.87   Attraction : Park
POI 1 Tour Image
Heart Lake Conservation Park

Settle around a small natural kettle lake, Heart Lake Conservation park has plenty to offer. Heart Lake is full of Rainbow Trout raised at the local fish hatchery in Glen Haffy, making this a great place for all fishing levels.

Enjoy a new exercise routine in the open air on Heart Lake’s Fitness trail complete with strength training and enhanced stretching stations.

To save the best for last, enjoy Heart Lake’s Zipline and Aerial Game Park, which offers 10 zipline courses and over 75 aerial games. For real adrenaline junkies, take a ride on one of the twin 1,000 foot zip lines that cross right over Heart Lake.

Point #2
Map Pin2-3088 Mayfield Rd, Brampton, ON L6Z 0E3, Canada
Distance : 1.99   Attraction : park
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Conservation Drive Park

Welcome to Conservation Drive Park. This park offers plenty of green space as well as paved trails, making it perfect for biking or just an afternoon stroll. There are also trails that are unpaved that go off into the woods for those more adventurous and looking to get up close to nature. The desne woods make this a great place to take in the fall foliage.

Keep your eyes open, deer are often spotted roaming around this park.

Turn left up at Hurontario Street.

Point #3
Map PinHurontario St at Fisherman Dr, Brampton, ON L7A 2X9, Canada
Distance : 1.01   Attraction : Restaurants
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John's Family Restaurant/ Thai Pepper

If you need a New Brunch Spot, John's Family Restaurant on your right is the place to go! John’s has been serving the city of Brampton for over a decade with mouth-watering dishes made straight from the heart.

Enjoy breakfast classics like Buttermilk pancakes or Build-your-own Omelettes. Stop by for dinner to try their irresistible 5-cheese garlic bread and ricotta stuffed ravioli.

If you want to ad asian flair to your night out, try Thai Pepper for some authentic Thai food. Enjoy a spicy lemon chicken soup or a classic Pad thai. If you have a sweet tooth you've got to try the sticky rice with sweet mango.

Continue down Hurontario Street.

Point #4
Map PinMain St. N. @ Bovaird Dr. W., Brampton, ON L6X 4X7, Canada
Distance : 0.90   Attraction : Shopping
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Brampton Corners

Welcome to Brampton Corners on your left. Brampton is one your one stop shop offering over 21 brand name stores for all your shopping needs.

Need a new book to read, stop by Chapters, Canada’s biggest bookstore! Catch up on the classics or try out a new bestseller. Any genre or mood you’re looking for Corners has you covered.

Need a pick me up? Head over to Second Cup Coffee for a mid-day wake up! Here you can have all your coffee classics like an espresso or americano. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try a matcha spice oat latte or chai frappe. Don’t forget to pick up a slice of banana loaf on your way out.

Continue down Main Street.

Point #5
Map Pin401 Hwy 10, Brampton, ON L6V 1P8, Canada
Distance : 0.83   Attraction : Shopping
POI 5 Tour Image
Earthworks/ Etobicoke Creek

Here on your left we will pass Earthworks, a spiritual goods store like no other. Here you will find a wide range of goods such as Incense, crystals, tarot cards and more. If you would like to glance into your future, stop by and inquire about their in-store tarot readings.

Right behind Earthworks is Etobicoke Creek, unlike its name suggests, Etobicoke Creek is actually a river and is a tributary of Lake Ontario. Fishing is very popular on Etobicoke creeks. You'll often see Common carp, Smallmouth bass, Chinook salmon.

Continue down Main street.

Point #6
Map Pin86 Main St N, Brampton, ON L6V 1N6, Canada
Distance : 0.18   Attraction : Downtown
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Downtown Brampton

Welcome downtown Brampton! The city center is called Garden Square and it won't be pressed to find events hosted here year-round, such as workshops, parades and Brampton’s beloved annual New Years Party.

Located downtown is Brampton's premier performing arts center, The Rose. The Rose opened its doors to the public in 2006 as a revitalization of Brampton's downtown to meet the needs of the rapidly growing city. Throughout the year you can plan to see various artists and performers on the main stage. During the summer, The Rose hosts the Rose Theatre Summer Series which includes various theatrical pieces performed both in The Rose and Garden Square

White downtown you’ve got to try the best burger joint in town, The Works, where you can get...well the works. Trust me when I say their burgers will make you drool with meaty classics like BBQ, caramelized onions, and melted cheddar cheese. Don’t worry they have plenty of vegan options that go beyond your average veggie burger, do any dietary need can enjoy It Works.

Point #7
Map Pin121 John St, Brampton, ON L6W 2C3, Canada
Distance : 0.12   Attraction : City Hall
POI 7 Tour Image
City Hall

On your right, we will be passing Brampton City Hall. Brampton City Hall is 6 stories tall and was built in 1991. Did you know that before this was the location of City Hall, this was the location of the Brampton Cenotaph?

Point #8
Map Pin59 Main St S, Brampton, ON L6Y 1M9, Canada
Distance : 0.56   Attraction : Park
POI 8 Tour Image
Gage Park

Next to you on your right, you will see Gage park. Gage Park is Brampton’s oldest municipal park, opening all the way back in 1903. This multi-purpose park is open year-long offering plenty of recreational opportunities including trails for jogging, a wading pool, a newly added playground as well as plenty of green space to enjoy a springtime picnic.

By far the best time to visit Gage Park is in the winter. In the winter they open their temperature-controlled skating trails making this the best place to enjoy winter festivities.

Continue down Main Street

Point #9
Map Pin145 Main St S, Brampton, ON L6W 2C9, Canada
Distance : 0.98   Attraction : River
POI 9 Tour Image
Etobiboke creek

We are about to cross over Etobicoke Creek. Unlike its name suggests, Etobicoke Creek is actually a river and is a tributary of Lake Ontario. The word "Etobicoke" comes from the Mississauga word “wadoopikaang”, meaning "the place where the alders grow".
Fishing is very popular on the Etobicoke creek. You'll often see Common carp, Smallmouth bass, and Chinook salmon.

Continue Straight down Main Street

Point #10
Map PinMain St S at Bartley Bull Pky, Brampton, ON L6W 3P9, Canada
Distance : 0.00   Attraction : Mall
POI 10 Tour Image
Shoppers World

Last stop on our tour is Shoppers World on our right. Shoppers World is Bramptons first indoor mall, built in 1961 and is home to over 165 stores. You’ll find big name stores like Aldos, Labels and Society, perfect for all your shopping needs.

Need a pick me up? Of course Shoppers World has Tim Hortons! Treat yourself with a hot cup of coffee and your favorite flavor Timbit!

Though Shoppers World has been beloved by many through the years, there are plans for shoppers' world to be torn down and reconstructed. The proposal includes a walkable, transit oriented community with a mix of high and low density housing. The proposal also includes a plan for commercial and retail space. This just goes to show Brampton is continually going through changes and innovation!

That concludes our tour of Brampton! If you liked what you saw and want to see more, contact JAS at 647-298-9927 or shoot him an email at jas.arora@yesrealty.ca.

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