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Place #1
Distance: 2.18mi , Attraction : Overview
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1050 Ho'okele St, Kahului, HI 96732, USA
POI 1 Tour Image
Overview of the Tour
Here we go! You’ve been on Hana Highway for probably a few minutes already, but we are literally just getting started.

How about a quick course on how to use the UCPlaces app? First, let me do the heavy lifting! You don’t need to move the map around or push a bunch of buttons. That’s my job. Just follow the app’s navigation and I will jump in and talk to you when the GPS tells me you have reached a Point Of Interest.

If you wanna stop the tour to take advantage of any of the amazing sites that we have along the way, go for it! You won’t need to restart the tour after a little excursion, unless you want to. When you start the tour again, use the “advanced” tab from the Start Tour page so you can pick which POI to start back up on. You can even scroll through that page to see where you’ve been and where you’d like to continue. But don’t forget to keep your phone charged and to re-enable your blue- tooth when you get out and back into your car.
Let’s keep going.

Place #2
Distance: 1.47mi , Attraction : Overview
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Hana Hwy, Kahului, HI 96732, USA
POI 2 Tour Image
Overview of the Tour
Believe me when I say this is gonna be a fantastic day for us! The drive from Paia, which is just ahead, to the Haleakala National Park and Pools of Ohe’o is about 2 hours, one way. As we go, I’ll be pointing out some epic sites and inviting you to go check them out. Prepare to spend your entire day taking in the beauty and majesty of the road to Hana. Now, you don’t have to stop at every site! You are gonna wanna save some time for the National Park, trust me. And if you are trying to complete the return trip before dark, just keep an eye on your watch.

I’ll also share some local lore, which is always entertaining, as well as some good old history. I’ll point out places to stop, eat and shop, but most importantly, where the restrooms are. You can count on me!

Remember not to rush through this tour! If you want to take pictures, by all means, please do! Just remember to also breathe in the fresh air, hear the happily chirping birds, and smell the sweet flowers. Just try to be in the moment. The drive is part of the journey, not just a way to get to the destination.

Tour itinerary stops | Additional places you'll see on this self-guided tour

Map Pin Place 1 Overview of the Tour
Map Pin Place 2 Overview of the Tour
Map Pin Place 3 Information
Map Pin Place 4 Paia
Map Pin Place 5 Ho'okipa Beach Park
Map Pin Place 6 Jaws Beach
Map Pin Place 7 Jaws Pe'ahi
Map Pin Place 8 Restrooms
Map Pin Place 9 Jaws Country Store
Map Pin Place 10 Road to Hana Mile Marker Zero
Map Pin Place 11 Slow Down
Map Pin Place 12 Twin Falls
Map Pin Place 13 Jungle Zipline Maui-HI
Map Pin Place 14 Driving Tips
Map Pin Place 15 Dangerous Curve and Bamboo Forest Hike
Map Pin Place 16 Haipua'ena Falls
Map Pin Place 17 Fun Facts
Map Pin Place 18 Waikamoi Ridge Trail
Map Pin Place 19 Garden of Eden Arboretum
Map Pin Place 20 Kaumahina State Wayside Park
Map Pin Place 21 Honomanū Bay
Map Pin Place 22 Honomanu Bay Turn-Off
Map Pin Place 23 Roadside Stands
Map Pin Place 24 Nua’ailua Bay Viewpoint
Map Pin Place 25 Keanae Arboretum
Map Pin Place 26 Keanae Lookout and Historic Church
Map Pin Place 27 Half Way! (Almost)
Map Pin Place 28 Uncle Harry's
Map Pin Place 29 Wailua Valley State Wayside Park
Map Pin Place 30 Upper Waikani Falls
Map Pin Place 31 Wailua Iki Falls
Map Pin Place 32 Maui Fishing Story Part 1
Map Pin Place 33 Maui Fishing Story Part 2
Map Pin Place 34 Waterfalls Ahead!
Map Pin Place 35 Hanawi Falls
Map Pin Place 36 Makapipi Falls
Map Pin Place 37 Hana Harvest
Map Pin Place 38 Coconut Glen's
Map Pin Place 39 Nahiku Marketplace
Map Pin Place 40 Kahanu Gardens
Map Pin Place 41 Hana Lava Tubes
Map Pin Place 42 Waianapanapa Park Directions
Map Pin Place 43 Waianapanapa Park
Map Pin Place 44 Black Sand Beach
Map Pin Place 45 Hana High
Map Pin Place 46 Fish Pond
Map Pin Place 47 Directions
Map Pin Place 48 Hana Bay Beach Park
Map Pin Place 49 Hana Bay Beach Pier
Map Pin Place 50 Hana Coast Gallery, Hana-Maui Resort, Restaurants and Views
Map Pin Place 51 Fun Facts
Map Pin Place 52 Koki Beach Park
Map Pin Place 53 Hamoa Beach
Map Pin Place 54 Fruit Stands
Map Pin Place 55 Maka‘alae Point
Map Pin Place 56 Directions
Map Pin Place 57 Fun Facts
Map Pin Place 58 Directions
Map Pin Place 59 Fun Facts
Map Pin Place 60 Fun Facts
Map Pin Place 61 Wailua Falls
Map Pin Place 62 Pools of Ohe'o
Map Pin Place 63 Almost There!
Map Pin Place 64 Haleakala National Park

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