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Place #1
Distance: 1.40mi , Attraction : Town
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V. G. Marconi, 366, 84017 Positano SA, Italy
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Welcome to Positano! A gorgeous coastal town with so much to offer. Built into steep cliffs that descend into the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the town is divided into several districts, with the main center located around the beach area, where we will be driving around today!
Positano has a rich history dating back to Roman times, evidenced by the ancient Roman villa beneath the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, found in the town. It was a prosperous maritime trading hub in the Middle Ages but fell into decline in the 19th century, and became a quiet fishing village. The town’s fortunes revived in the 20th century when it became a popular retreat for artists, writers, and eventually tourists. One of the most notable figures was the German writer Stefan Andres, who lived in Positano during the 1930s and helped to promote its idyllic charm through his writings. Since then, the town has transformed into an artistic destination for all people, boosting the economy and the livelihood of those who call Positano home.
With a laid-back, yet sophisticated atmosphere, the town is known for its local crafts, especially ceramics! I will be taking you to a specific ceramics shop in just a bit. The streets are lined with boutique shops, art galleries, and cafes. The local cuisine, like other Italian coastal towns, features fresh seafood, delicious pasta, but the famous limoncello liqueur made from locally grown lemons is something not to joke about! Positano is surrounded by terraced lemon groves, producing amazing local limoncello, just remember to sip and not chug!
Throughout the year, Positano hosts a wide variety of cultural events and festivals. The Feast of the Assumption on August 15th is a major event, celebrating the town’s patron saint, the Virgin Mary, with processions, fireworks, and other fun festivities that fill the streets with music and joy.

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Place #2
Distance: 0.60mi , Attraction : Iconic Street
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Viale Pasitea, 200, 84017 Positano SA, Italy
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Via dei Mulini
We won’t be able to experience it first-hand, unless you want to find a place to park of course, but up ahead and to our right into town is the main walking street of Positano. Via dei Mulini is an iconic road, filled with shops, restaurants, bars, museums, and so much more. You could truly spend all day just on this one street!
One of the most iconic places on Via dei Mulini though is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, yes the church with Roman villa ruins underneath it! With roots that trace back to the 10th century, the church was originally part of a Benedictine monastery, a contemplative monastic religious order of the Catholic Church for those who follow the Rule of Saint Benedict. In the following centuries the church underwent several changes and expansions. The most significant occurred during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These renovations included the addition of the majestic dome, covered in colorful majolica tiles, which is now a defining feature of Positano’s skyline.
One of the most critical events in the church’s history was the arrival of the Byzantine icon of the Black Madonna, also known as the Madonna di Positano. According to legend, this 13th-century icon was brought to Positano by sailors who were guided to the town by divine intervention during a storm at sea. The story goes that they heard a voice saying “posa, posa” (meaning put it down), prompting them to bring the icon ashore. This miraculous event significantly enhanced the church’s religious significance and cemented its place as a pilgrimage site. The Black Madonna is housed in a special chapel within the church, where it is adorned with candles and flowers. It plays a crucial role in religious processions, especially during the Feast of Assumption we talked about earlier!
Like I mentioned, there are many different shops, cafes, restaurants, and more along Via dei Mulini. But, one of the all time favorites that I highly recommend you try while you’re here is La Zagara. A lovely restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea, known for its specialty in all things citrus! Not necessarily an uncommon trope, as we have learned Positano is well-known for its lemons as well as its oranges. But, La Zagara has somehow found the magic recipe and created some of the most delicious Positano sweets! Whether you try the iconic Torta Zagara combining chocolate and tangerine, or the “Positanese Cioco”, a sponge cake intertwined with chocolate, you truly cannot go wrong!
After our driving tour, I hope you are able to make your way back to Via dei Mulini, there is so much to experience, it’s really the heart of Positano. But, for now we have so much more to see and I can’t wait to show you!

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