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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Hayarkon River and Park

Isaac Remba St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 2.20
  • Attraction : Outdoors

Yes, you may be stuck in traffic right now, and yes some people may be honking at you,  but this is part of the fun in Tel-Aviv. It’s not personal, just take it easy and enjoy the ride. 

 As we make our way down Rokach Blvd towards the coast, we will cruise along one of the most popular parks in Tel Aviv.  If you’re familiar with and enjoy New York City’s Central Park, then you’re sure to experience similar sensations in Tel Aviv’s version of central park.

Through the heart of the park runs the Yarkon River which is the second largest river within the State of Israel, after the Jordan River.

The river makes its way through the heart of the city offering a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, such as kayaking, swimming, fishing, and even paddle boarding.

Along the banks are parks with playgrounds and hiking trails where one can appreciate the flora and fauna of this region. 

Although the river is now considered safe and clean, visitors are requested not to swim in it in order to protect the unique ecosystem, so don’t wear your swimming suit just yet.

Among the more incredible activities to be found in the park is the hot air balloon ride. From the sky, you can marvel at the stunning beauty of this lush green park as it winds its way through the city providing you with panoramic views of abundant wildlife and natural landscapes.

A professional pilot will be with you, so no need to worry as they will be guiding your experience and making sure everyone is comfortable and safe. 

Another fun activity visitors enjoy on the river are the boat rentals. Renting a boat from Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv is the perfect way to explore its stunning natural beauty. Cruise along the winding river and see some of Israel's most lush landscapes.

You can also take a leisurely paddle boat ride, letting the tranquil waters soothe your soul.

Surfing in Israel? Yup, not only is that a thing on the shores of the Mediterranean, but also at Meymadion Park along the Hayarkon River.

This water park is an exciting and family-friendly attraction. It features a variety of exciting water slides, including the country’s longest and fastest extreme water slide, Ramp Up.

The park also has an interactive wave pool, river rapids, and splash pads with colorful sprayers to keep kids entertained. There are plenty of places to relax as well, with a lazy river and sun lounge chairs scattered throughout the park.

For the animal lovers out there, check out Pinat-Hai, also known as the Animal Corner. While it may not be the largest exhibit in the park, it definitely is a memorable one. The Animal corner is free and it is located adjacent to multiple picnic tables and barbeque pits.

The petting zoo, open daily, provides a charming hands-on approach with multiple breeds and species of animals.

And for the ornithologist lovers out there, the Zapari Bird Park is waiting to show you a variety of exotic birds, like imported parrot, emus, flamingos, toucans, peacocks, crested cranes.

How about some more common recreational activities with a side of daredevil fun? With multiple basketball courts and football fields to a state-of-the-art rock wall overlooking the Yarkon River, you are guaranteed to find a wide range of activities at Sportek or Park Hayarkon.

Commonly regarded as some of the best sports facilities in Israel, grab some friends and a ball and head to the court for some pickup.

Or, head over solo and jump in on a game of pickup with the locals. The highlight of the Sportek facilities is no doubt the huge rock climbing wall. With experienced and professional instructors and multiple routes to reach the top, this wall is suitable for all levels while providing a thrilling climbing experience.

There is even a baseball field for those looking to swing for the fences. Did you know that Team Israel had its largest number of active Major League Baseball players on its 2023 roster? The sport continues to grow in the country. The team was managed by Ian Kinsler, who won a World Series Championship with the Boston Red Sox in 2018. 

We will be crossing over the Ben-Eliezer Bridge and merging onto HaTa’Rucha street as we approach the next destination on our tour, the Tel Aviv Seaport.


Point #2
Tel-Aviv Port (Namal)

HaTa'arucha St 21, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.45
  • Attraction : Outdoors

Tel-Aviv is famous for great food, coffee, its weather, beautiful beaches and as a place of fun, the old seaport, combines it all.  The old Seaport or Namal is a bustling hub of activity.

Located just a few blocks west of here, and on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it's one of Israel's main attractions. This vibrant area contains numerous restaurants, shops, and galleries as well as several cultural and entertainment venues.

Take a walk along the waterfront promenade for stunning views, or explore the historic vessels floating in the harbor for fascinating facts about maritime history.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy around the Tel Aviv Seaport, from sightseeing cruises to kayaking through hidden coves and beaches.

There are several galleries in the area surrounding the Tel Aviv Seaport that are worth a visit. The Beit HaGefen Arab Jewish Cultural Center has an extensive collection of art and exhibitions reflecting the cultural diversity of Israeli society.

The Dvir Gallery is a contemporary art center that showcases works from renowned Israeli and international artists. 

If you are looking for a place to relax and grab a drink… or grab a drink and party, overlooking the Mediterranean waters of Tel Aviv's Port is where you will find our favorite place, Shavalta.

This lush, chic and inviting open-plan bar is celebrated for its distinctive choice of beats amidst the bewitching sea breeze. Head down for an afternoon beer that will surely turn into an evening cocktail. Sunset to sunrise, Shalvata has you covered.

In the center of a young and cool neighborhood in north Tel Aviv is Rubi - a neighborhood spot where everyone knows everyone, and the atmosphere is relaxed and happy. Serving mostly students, this bar is full every night of the week.

Playing a hip blend of Israeli and international music, guests keep dancing until the late hours of the night. Rubi serves delicious food in addition to their huge alcohol menu. The bar is also suited for hosting events, with two floors, a private room, small garden, and advanced DJ sound system.


Point #3
Metzitzim Beach

HaYarkon St 283, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.54
  • Attraction : Beach

Surfs up! We told you surfing is real in Israel. Metzitzim Beach is a couple of blocks to the west and it's known for its wide, sandy coastline and calm water, perfect for swimming and relaxing in the sun.

The beach also offers plenty of activities including volleyball courts, children's playgrounds, snack bars, and surf schools for those who want to learn how to ride the waves. With its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, Metzitzim, a local favorite and somewhat  legendary Beach is an ideal spot to explore during your visit to Tel Aviv!

There are several restaurants nearby that are perfect for a quick bite or meal after a day of fun in the sun. Some of these include: Shila - an iconic seafood restaurant offering dishes from fish burgers to shakshuka; Little Prague - a cozy eatery serving up comfort food like schnitzel, hummus, and salads; and Halevantini - a trendy hangout spot offering delicious Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

South of Metzitzim Beach is Dog Beach. It’s the perfect destination for pet owners and their furry friends. It provides plenty of entertainment and relaxation options for both humans and canines alike. Here you will find a wide variety of activities including swimming, playing fetch with your pup, beach sports like volleyball and frisbee, or simply lounging under the sun.

No matter what your preference, Dog Beach in Tel Aviv is an ideal spot for getting some fresh air with your four-legged companion!

What about catching some of those tasty waves we told you about?  Well, Hilton Bay Surf Academy is the ultimate destination for surfing enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities and courses from beginner to advanced level. The academy provides a complete surf experience, teaching students how to surf safely and have fun in the process. Hang 10 big kahuna! 

We will be passing by Speigel Park to your right, as we make our way to the next destination on this tour, the Tel-Aviv Marina. Time for some more fun in the sun.


Point #4
Tel-Aviv Marina

HaYarkon St 175, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.46
  • Attraction : Marina

With its crystal-clear waters and waterfront promenade,Tel-Aviv Marina is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of activities, from rentable boats to luxury yacht rentals and guided tours on the water.

There are also plenty of restaurants and cafés where you can relax and watch the sun go down over the Mediterranean.

Located at the entrance to the city’s bustling port, the marina is home to a 630 berth dry stack boat standing and 800 mooring spots for leisure boating.

Tel Aviv Marina is an ideal place for a stroll, anytime day or night. Never over-crowded but always lively, Tel Aviv Marina has a multitude of restaurants and bars… and I haven’t even mentioned the majestic sunsets. Great food, great views - a fantastic combination!

We’ve already talked about Tel-Aviv surfing, but now let’s feel the wind at our backs and set sail! The Sailing Club at the Tel Aviv Marina is a professional sailing club with a variety of watercrafts, such as: catamaran, 420 and a laser one-person dinghy. 

One of the highest quality and most professional clubs in Israel is the Windsurfing Club that has a selection of DEKO 156 boards and sails ranging from 3.5 to 7.3 meters in size. The Club provides instruction, private lessons, and rentals only for those with windsurfing knowledge and experience.

The Tel Aviv Sea Center offers a variety of sights to see, from the promenade that lines the center's harbor, to large-scale modern sculptures, public gardens and playgrounds. 

Worth checking out is The Marina Hotel, a small boutique location that has also become a mini art museum that encourages people to view over 600 original paintings. While you can’t view the artwork inside the hotel rooms, you can wander the halls. On every floor the walls are artistically covered with beautifully framed pieces.

Because of the hotel’s unusual design, with long rectangular halls and an empty space in the middle, you can’t help but feel like you are browsing an actual gallery.

Now if you’ve been wondering why we keep talking about beaches and haven’t actually seen any beaches, not to worry. Gordon Beach is just ahead and you will be able to see the white sands and blue water that you’ve likely been craning your neck to see. Just be patient.


Point #5
The Boardwalk (Tayelet)

Retsif Herbert Samuel St 105, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.45
  • Attraction : Beach Boardwalk

Now that we can see the beach, your nostrils may start tingling with the smells of popcorn and ice cream as we approach the Tayelet, or promenade, which is a series of boardwalks that stretch from just north of the Tel-Aviv Port, to the Jaffa Port, which we will get to soon.

If you were looking for a beautiful stretch of boardwalk along the Mediterranean Sea beachfront, with plenty of cafés, restaurants and street-side food stalls serving all kinds of delicious delicacies, well this is where it’s at. 

Those looking to get active can enjoy running or cycling along the promenade’s tracks, in addition to taking part in water sports such as kite surfing or stand-up paddle boarding.

There are also plenty of places to relax, sunbathe or simply spend time people-watching at one of the many bars and clubs located alongside the beach - or take a stroll down one of Tel Aviv's vibrant streets full of boutique shops, galleries and cultural attractions. 

As you take in those smells including that of saltwater, check out the beach goers playing Matkot (meh-di-coat), a form of paddleball which many consider to be the unofficial sport of Israel. The game is a combination of paddleball, ping pong and squash and is played non competitively. 

Jerusalem Beach is up next.


Point #6
Jerusalem Beach

חוף, Trumpeldor St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.93
  • Attraction : Beach

Since Jerusalem doesn’t have a beach, Tel-Aviv was nice enough to name a beach after her. Jerusalem Beach offers a less private experience for beachgoers.

It is located across from the Opera House on the Tel Aviv-Yafo boardwalk and tourists and locals crowd the area during most of the day.

Visitors can explore the sand dunes and rocky cliffs while taking in spectacular views of the city skyline. There is plenty to do here - take a swim in the sea or explore tide pools along the coast – as well as some excellent places to eat, drink and relax.

It does make for an ideal spot to take kids due to the breakwater and the shallow water, the young ones can play here safely.

On Fridays there are regularly rumba parties at Jerusalem Beach. At night during the summer months the beach is lively with the young people of Tel Aviv, who celebrate the summer until the early morning hours with music and drinks

Those interested in kite surfing can practice the extreme sport on the southern end of the beach, known as Geula Beach.

Whether you’re looking for a great spot to picnic or just want to sunbathe, Jerusalem Beach has something for everyone who enjoys soaking up the sun and appreciates nature in its purest form.


Point #7
Manta Ray (Beach restaurant)

חניון בית האצ''ל/הורדה 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.46
  • Attraction : Dining

If you are looking for a true beachfront restaurant, Manta Ray is actually located right along the sand and only steps away from the beautiful crashing waves. Their specialty is Middle Eastern cuisine, with creative options like Baked Blue Bream seasoned with rosemary and olive oil, endive, and Jerusalem artichoke flakes.

Always be sure though, to ask your server about the Jaffa school of fish. That will be the day’s fresh catch, so it’s always exciting to find out what the fishermen brought in.

Coming up ahead is one of the oldest seaports in the world, dating anywhere between 4000 and 7000 years ago. That’s right - Jaffa is known as the ancient port city from which the city of Tel Aviv has grown.

What is for certain is that the harbor is still in use today, serving as a fishing port and marina.  This port is so old it is actually mentioned in the book Jonah, Jonah 1:3, where the prophet Jonah ran away from the Lord and boarded a ship at Jaffa’s port.

Jonah intended to head in the direction of Tarshish in Spain but the lord obviously intervened in that plan.

The most timeworn remnant of Jaffa are pieces of wall, made of sun-dried clay bricks in the eastern part of a fortress, dating from the 16th century BC. 

The city was built on a hill jutting out slightly from the coastline to the west and overlooking the open sea.

According to Greek legend, it was on an offshore rock near Jaffa that the god of the sea, Poseidon, chained Andromeda, who was to have been eaten by a sea monster.

Jaffa’s name origin is said to mean lovely or pretty. It’s one of the most popular historical locations in all of Israel, with its maze of cobbled, narrow, winding streets lined with Ottoman-era stone houses.

A neighborhood with art galleries, restaurants, theaters, museums, and nightclubs, Old Jaffa is one of Tel Aviv's main tourist attractions.

The clock tower up ahead will welcome us into Old Jaffa.


Point #8
Old Jaffa (Clock tower)

Nahum Goldmann St 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.25
  • Attraction : Historical site

Here is the clock tower, Jaffa’s famous landmark. Built of limestone, it incorporates two clocks and a plaque commemorating the Israelis killed in the battle for the town in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. It is one of seven clock towers built in Ottoman Palestine. 

The clock tower was not operational for several months in 2021 due to a rare mechanical malfunction. In a complex effort, the Tel Aviv municipality was able to locate a clock expert and purchase the necessary clock parts – many from all corners of the globe, such as special water-resistant parts had to be ordered for the clock from Italy – all in the effort of reestablishing the iconic Jaffa monument to its former glory.

A flea market has been operating for more than a century in this port-side neighborhood full of alleyways, covered walkways, and outdoor verandas. Trendy furniture and clothing shops have appeared alongside vendors selling traditional Arabic pottery and ceramic items. 


Jaffa’s name origin is said to mean lovely or pretty. It’s one of the most popular historical locations in all of Israel, with its maze of cobbled, narrow, winding streets lined with Ottoman-era stone houses. Many of these houses are now the homes and studios of local artists.


Point #9
Suspended Orange Tree

HaTsorfim St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.21
  • Attraction : Historical site

Among the most celebrated attributes of this ancient city is the Jaffa orange, a variety offering few seeds and possessing a tough skin that makes it particularly suitable for export.

Jaffa oranges are treasured for their outstanding flavor that has been described as sweet and fine.

The suspended Orange Tree in Abrasha Park is literally an orange tree, suspended about one meter above the ground, with wires from the walls of houses.

This tree is alive and well, due to a hidden watering system, and even produces fruit.


Point #10
Jaffa Port

Louis Pasteur St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.23
  • Attraction : Boating

Why don’t we take a minute to talk about Jaffa Port?

Sometime either during or after the tour, I highly recommend that you park in this area and take an exploration walk, and Jaffa Port is a must-see.

In 1917, during World War I, British troops under General Allenby defeated the Ottomans and took Jaffa, which became part of the British-administered Palestine Mandate (1922–1948). On 24 April 1950, the Jewish city of Tel Aviv and the Arab city of Jaffa were unified, and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality was established.

In recent years, Old Jaffa Port has been developed as a cultural attraction, whilst retaining its operations as a working port from where fishermen head off into the Mediterranean each night.

Many of the old hangars have been converted into versatile spaces which are often hosting exhibitions of art and photography, whilst cultural institutions such as the Mayumana dance sensations are based just behind the port. Strolling through the port is fascinating, you never know what kind of exhibitions you might encounter.

Old Jaffa Ancient Yafo is a neighborhood of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel and the oldest part of Jaffa. A neighborhood with art galleries, restaurants, theaters, museums, and nightclubs, it is one of Tel Aviv's main tourist attractions.


Point #11
Jaffa Flea Market Intro

Tayelet Mifraz Shlomo St 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.35
  • Attraction : Flea Market

How about we head to the Jaffa Flea Market? It has been operating for more than a century in this port-side neighborhood full of alleyways, covered walkways, and outdoor verandas.

Trendy furniture and clothing shops have appeared alongside vendors selling traditional Arabic pottery and ceramic items. 

Please follow your navigation while I give a little more history about this amazing area.

Jaffa forms the southwest district of the Tel Aviv–Jaffa municipality. Old Jaffa lies in the northwest section of Jaffa, on a hill along the Mediterranean Sea.

Geologically, the hill of Old Jaffa marks the northern end of what’s known as a kurkar ridge…a line of hardened, fossilized sand dunes. In Israel the kurkar ridges run almost parallel to the coast. They indicate ancient shorelines from hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago, in addition to creating a unique ecosystem for plants and animals. 

This ancient port city has been on the come-up for years, and lately, with its vibrant flea market area (Shuk HaPishpeshim in Hebrew), art and design studios open by day and its rowdy bars, alleyways and top-quality restaurants filled to capacity by night, attracting a young and decorative crowd- Jaffa has found its rhythm in its own right.

A stone's throw away from a quiet and pristine coastline, and a 5-minute walk to the American Colony, an up-and-coming residential area that holds true to its historic architecture, Jaffa is well-positioned for pleasure-seekers, history buffs, and art lovers.


Point #12
Jaffa Flea Market

Rabbi Yohanan St 4, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 1.02
  • Attraction : Shopping

Visiting the Jaffa Flea Market is a must when in Israel. As you weave your way through the winding streets, you’ll find an abundance of knickknacks and treasures.

Now when I say “weave your way,” I mean, park your car and get out there! Vendors display their eclectic offerings of Judaica, Persian rugs and tiles, antiques, jewelry, and old coins. 

The Jaffa Flea Market is bursting with unique treasures, but Pieces takes things to a whole other level. Design lovers will be particularly intrigued by the aesthetic delights on offer – from ornate rugs, intricate jewelry, and pottery to pillows embroidered with the works of Modigliani and Hokusai.

Copper, brass, old Persian tiles, and jewelry are always to be found in the covered bazaar streets of Jaffa Flea Market.  

If you are looking for Dead Sea Minerals, it is easy to find soaps, lotions, facial masks and spa creams. There is also an abundance of fruits, vegetables and spices. “Abundance” is the word to describe this bustling, colorful flea market.

Embrace your inner-Israeli as you practice your bargaining skills, then carry your keepsakes to the nearest cafe to reward yourself with some local delicacies.

Leon Bakery is one of the most iconic institutions in Jaffa’s notorious flea market. The freshly baked burekas they make are sold with ayran, a chilled savory yogurt drink. And if you don’t try the baklava, you are missing out!

You can easily spend a few hours here at the Jaffa Flea Market, or even an entire day. This tour just doesn’t have the time to tell you everything that you can find here. You just have to experience it yourself.

When you are ready to move on, just follow your navigation as we explore some wonderful neighborhoods, brilliant architecture, excellent restaurants, and picturesque parks.  Let’s go!



Point #13
Neve Zedek (Tsedek)

Migdal St 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.35
  • Attraction : Historic District

Neve Tzedek is one of Tel Aviv’s oldest districts, built, as it was, in 1887 as the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa. Its Eastern architectural style along charming, narrow streets contain modern era shops and boutiques. Its name means “Oasis of Justice.” 

Neve Tzedek is considered one of Tel Aviv’s major cultural areas, containing the Frederic Mann Auditorium… the largest concert hall in Tel Aviv, the Helena Rubinstein Art Museum… named after a Polish American arts patron and queen of a cosmetics empire, and Israel’s Habima Theater… considered the national theater of Israel.

The Suzanne Dellal Center has been the epicenter of Israeli and international dance performances, and home of the critically and popularly embraced Batsheva Dance Company… one of the foremost contemporary dance companies in the world.

The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art is housed in a historic home and showcases the legendary Modavian-born artist’s vast collection of paintings, illustrations, and writings. 

Neve Tsedek hasn’t always been so fashionable. For the longest time it was anything but. Earlier generations would never have envisioned that the neighborhood would one day grow into a leading destination for culture and nightlife; though, by the early 1900’s Neve Tzedek had become an oasis for numerous artists and writers.

One of them was Nobel Prize laureate, Shmuel Yosef Agnon, who published under the name S.Y. Agnon wrote about the conflict between traditional Jewish life and the modern world.  

By the 1960’s, city officials looked upon Neve Tzedek as a slum, and began to plan for the neighborhood’s demolition. Fortunately, many of its buildings were given historic preservation status, and thus, by the 1980s, set in motion a wave of restoration and neighborhood growth. 

The neighborhood has taken on a French vibe in recent years, and boasts a few glamorous art galleries, patisseries and boulangeries.

The Dallal Bakery is considered one of the best in Tel Aviv. It offers French pastries with an Israeli twist, featuring eclairs, quiches, and croissants. 

Shabazi Street is a pricey place with designer Parisian labels. The boutique stores that line the street contain such items as handmade jewelry, furniture, designer clothing, to expensive perfumes. If shopping is not your thing, it’s at the very least a compelling place to people watch.


Point #14
Bauhaus Architecture

Bostanai St 20, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.37
  • Attraction : Architecture

Tel Aviv is known as the "City of Bauhaus," thanks to its plethora of Bauhaus-style buildings scattered across the city.

The architectural style, also known as International Style, originated in Germany and was brought to Tel Aviv in the early 20th century by German Jewish architects looking for a new start.

It eventually became the city's dominant style and today, visitors can take a walking tour to explore some of these magnificent structures. From old private homes to public housing complexes, there are numerous examples of Bauhaus-style architecture throughout Tel Aviv. 

Most of the structures feature elements typical of Modernism – like undecorated surfaces, ribbon windows, flat roofs, outdoor living spaces and pilotis – but are defined separately from the movement as they follow stricter rules of volume expression, visual balance and non-ornamentation.

The Bauhaus philosophy teaches art holistically, recognising sculpture, painting, handicrafts and crafts as inseparable components of a new architecture. 

The Tel Avivian style showcases small windows to minimize glare and concentrate the amount of sunlight into stairways to preserve electricity. Wind from the sea was trapped in ventilation shafts, and pillars raised the buildings to allow the wind to circulate underneath, cooling the apartments.

Other distinctive features include the now-iconic long, narrow balconies that provide shade to the houses below, and flat roofs that serve as social spaces in the cooler evenings

In Tel Aviv, some of the most iconic examples of Bauhaus architecture include the white city center, Habima Square, and the city's Old North neighborhood.

The Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv was founded in the area in 2000 to increase awareness of the heritage and encourage preservation works. It hosts a library, a shop and a gallery for exhibitions, and offers architectural tours for visitors and enthusiasts.

Other cities with notable Bauhaus structures in Israel include Haifa, where you can find a bank building designed by a famous German architect Erich Mendelsohn; Jerusalem's Kaiser Wilhelm memorial synagogue; and Tiberias' synagogue complex. These iconic structures pay tribute to an important piece of architectural history, while also showcasing its modern relevance.

Rothschild Blvd is up next!


Point #15
Rothschild Blvd

Rothschild Blvd 18, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.35
  • Attraction : Shopping and Dining

It is said that when looking for a prestigious address, nothing beats Rothschild Boulevard. As a major artery in Tel Aviv, Rothschild is also one of the most expensive thorough ways in the city, in addition to its stores and sidewalks being a leading tourism destination.

Here at the southern end of Rothschild Boulevard lies Independence Hall which, as it sounds, is where the signing of Israel's Declaration of Independence took place. Today it is a museum.

Up ahead is Founder’s Monument, the centerpiece of which is a fountain depicting the city's original logo, which was designed by Nahum Gutman, whose sculptures and brightly colored mosaics are found in public spaces all over Tel Aviv.

The logo is in the form of a lighthouse, which according to Gutman, symbolizes the aspirations of the city's founders that Tel Aviv is a gateway for immigrants and a light unto the nations.

Rothschild Blvd is also a popular spot for shopping, dining, entertainment and simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere that has made it one of the city’s top tourist destinations.

The area has become a place to be seen and to indulge in local and international fare.

The 65 Hotel and Rothschild Hotel are well known, but the Norman is perhaps the hippest.

The hotel, which opened in 2014, has a rooftop pool as well as a brasserie-style restaurant with a Mediterranean menu, a 1940s-style cocktail bar, and dinings, a Japanese tapas eatery.

Da Da & Da is a Parisian-style brasserie with outdoor seating located on the ground floor of the Institut français de Tel-Aviv.

A casual place with a vibrant atmosphere, Port Said is a popular lunch and dinner spot for the hipster crowd. Offering an array of Israeli dishes, it is a great place for a beer and bite to eat. 

Another popular spot is Kuli Ala, a fun underground bar and club with an outdoor area serving pizza and cocktails. It’s also a top spot for dancing with DJ’s spinning records all night. 

Where Rothschild Boulevard ends lies the Israeli Defense Museum and Bloomfield Stadium, hosting rock concerts, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Hapoel Tel Aviv, Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv, and Israeli national football team soccer matches.

Keep driving!


Point #16
Edmond Rothschild

Rothschild Blvd 72, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.51
  • Attraction : History

Rothschild Blvd is one of Tel Aviv's most iconic streets. Located in the city center, this pedestrian boulevard was designed by German-Jewish architect Karl Rubin and opened in 1930.

The street was named after 19th century philanthropist Baron Rothschild and today it houses some of the city's most famous landmarks, including museum buildings, a picturesque garden promenade, an open-air art gallery and even an old-fashioned tram.

It's also a popular spot for shopping, dining, entertainment and simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere that has made it one of the city’s top tourist destinations.

Please keep following your navigation.


Point #17

HaHashmonaim St 70, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.15
  • Attraction : Animal Friends

So we’ve already cruised the coast and the eclectic beaches of the city. But did you notice all the 4-legged friends playing about?

Tel-Aviv has an unusual obsession with dogs. There are more dogs than children living in Tel-Aviv! It is a city where dogs are treated like royalty, with parks and beaches specifically designed for our canine friends.

If you visit the city, you are most likely to see a lot of dogs with their stylish haircuts and designer outfits being walked by their equally chic owners. Sit boo-boo sit. Good dog!

Point #18
Street Art

Carlebach St 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.47
  • Attraction : Art

By now you’ve probably noticed that Tel-Aviv has a vibrant and unique street art scene. Many of the city's buildings are adorned with colorful murals and graffiti, making it a haven for street art enthusiasts. In fact, Tel Aviv is known as one of the world's street art capitals, with artists from all over the world coming to showcase their talent on the city's walls.

The street art in Tel Aviv often reflects the city's diverse culture and political climate, with murals depicting a wide range of themes, from social justice issues to pop culture references.

The artwork can be found in various neighborhoods, such as Florentin, Neve Tzedek, and Jaffa, adding a distinct and unconventional charm to the city's urban landscape.

What makes the street art scene in Tel Aviv particularly quirky is that it is not only tolerated but often embraced by the city's residents and local authorities. Many of the murals are officially commissioned by the municipality, and there are even guided street art tours available for visitors to explore this unique aspect of Tel Aviv's artistic culture.


Point #19
Sarona Market

Eliezer Kaplan St 26, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.95
  • Attraction : Shopping

Another market? Yes, please. Just south of here is a new, mini neighborhood in the Non-Stop City. Its centerpiece, Sarona Market, is Israel’s largest indoor culinary market, located in a restored German Templar Colony, which was a mid-19th century Lutheran-based organization centered around individual piety.  

The market is a few minutes’ walk from Rothschild Boulevard and the Tel Aviv Art Museum. Like other communal markets around the globe, it is a large food hall serving up an eclectic selection of local and international cuisines, as well as beverages, from freshly squeezed juices to craft beers. Since opening in 2015 it quickly became a leading culinary destination.

Open seven days a week, Sarona Market houses over 100 businesses, including 40 eateries, and food stalls, ranging from regional classics to concept food by noted Israeli chefs.

Supposedly the largest vegan fest in the world is held at Sarona, with over 100 food stalls and some 100,000-plus attendees. Hosted jointly by a vegan organization and the city of Tel Aviv, it’s a three-day event where the market is filled with food and product vendors.

There are also instructive speakers and plenty of photo and selfie snapping opportunities. 

Whenever one might visit Sarona Market, it’s all about finding that memorable, world class, culinary experience.


Point #20
Ha-Medina Square

Tel Aviv Train Station Savidor/Namir Road, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.60
  • Attraction : Shopping

Up next is Ha-Medina Square, a popular public space located in the center of Tel Aviv. It serves as an important cultural and political hub for the city, hosting several events and gatherings throughout the year.

The square has been named after King David's city, Medinat Yisrael, and features a large sculpture depicting modern Israel with its diverse population.

Visitors often stop to admire the bustle of city life that takes place here - from busty street markets to live music performances - while local residents come to take part in protests or rallies or simply to enjoy a quiet moment in the shade of palm trees that line this vibrant square.

You could say that the square is Tel-Aviv’s version of Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, California. As the epicenter of high international fashion in Tel Aviv, Kikar Hamedina has transformed into a luxury high-end shopping district.

Around the square, there exists a large array of high-end international designer stores and major representations of brands around the world. These include Gucci, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Chopard, Burberry, Valentino, Chloé, Dior, Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford, Audemars Piguet, and Hermés.


Point #21
Street Food

Moshe Sharet St 47, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.33
  • Attraction : Dining

Let’s talk about some street food because after all, a visit to Tel-Aviv would be incomplete without sampling the good stuff.

Falafel and hummus may be the city’s most famous street food, but there are equally tasty options that are less known.

One of these delicacies is the Sabich, a pita sandwich filled with fried eggplant, boiled eggs, hummus, and tahini sauce.

Another favorite is Malabi, a Middle Eastern-style milk pudding garnished with rose syrup and pistachios. It’s a dessert that will make your taste buds feel alive.

You’re likely to find these items at most food truck or vendor gatherings, so go on and indulge yourself.

Point #22
Famous Israeli's

Pinkas St 38, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.33
  • Attraction : Famous People

So who are some famous people who grew up in this wonderful city? Natalie Portman, whose birth name is Neta-Lee Hershlag, is an Academy Award-winning actress and filmmaker.

She was born in Jerusalem but spent her early years in Tel Aviv before moving to the United States.

Portman is known for her versatile acting skills and has appeared in numerous critically acclaimed films including Black Swan, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. She is probably best known for her roles in Star Wars episodes I, II, and III.

Another prominent figure from Tel Aviv is tech mogul Erel Margalit. A successful technology entrepreneur, Margalit is the founder and CEO of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP). He has also served as a member of the Israel Innovation Authority. In addition to his business ventures, Margalit has been active in politics, serving as a member of the Knesset from 2013–2019.

Amos Oz was a renowned Israeli writer and novelist, known for his works of fiction and non-fiction. He was born in Jerusalem but spent his formative years in Tel Aviv and was one of Israel's most celebrated literary figures.

Finally, it would be remiss not to mention three-time world champion ice skater Sasha Cohen. Born in Tel Aviv, Cohen began skating at the age of seven and quickly rose through the ranks of the sport. She represented Israel in the 2006 Olympics, where she won a silver medal for her impressive performance.


Point #23
Milano Square

Yehuda HaMakkabbi St 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.20
  • Attraction : Shopping

On your left, Milano Square is one of the most underrated destinations in Tel Aviv, yet it's one of the most vibrant and eclectic spots in the city. It offers visitors a unique glimpse into another side of Israeli culture.

The square is home to an array of interesting shops and cafes. Here you can find everything from vintage clothing stores to bubble tea shops, each with their own unique flavor.

There are also plenty of restaurants that specialize in Mediterranean cuisine, including some of Tel Aviv's best falafel spots.

Besides its many retail offerings, Milano Square also hosts several events throughout the year.

In summer months, you can enjoy outdoor concerts or watch performances from local artists. The square also hosts screenings during Tel Aviv's annual film festival and organizes special events for Jewish holidays like Passover and Hanukkah.

Overall, Milano Square is a great place to explore if you're looking for something off-the-beaten-path in Tel Aviv. With its lively atmosphere and wide range of attractions, this hidden gem should definitely be added to your must-visit list.


Point #24
Nordau Boulevard

Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 173, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.25
  • Attraction : Shopping and Dining

Nordau Boulevard is one of the most beautiful and historic streets in Tel Aviv. Located near the heart of the city, this grand boulevard has been a defining feature of the landscape since it first opened in 1932.

Named after Theodor Herzl's friend Max Nordau, the boulevard continues to remain an important part of Tel Aviv culture today.

The boulevard is lined with lush trees and colorful flowers that provide plenty of shade and natural beauty.

This makes it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike; you can often find people strolling or jogging along its sidewalks on any given day.

During warmer months, there are also outdoor cafes where visitors can sit and soak up some sun while enjoying delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Nordau Boulevard is also home to many iconic landmarks, including Independence Park, Habima Theater, Tzaban Tower, Ha'Gdud Ha'Ivri Jerusalem Square, and Dizengoff Center Shopping Mall.

These attractions serve as reminders of Tel Aviv’s rich history and offer insight into how life has changed over time.

At the end of the day, Nordau Boulevard is more than just a street - it's an integral part of life in Tel Aviv. Whether you're looking for leisurely strolls, great food or cultural attractions; this grand boulevard should definitely be on your must-visit list when you're in town.


Point #25
Schlomo and Sons Falafel

Sderot Nordau 75, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.27
  • Attraction : Falafel Shop

Now, this next stop isn’t necessarily on the way to Dizengoff Street, where we should be headed. But I would feel like a tour-guide fraud if I didn’t show you the absolute best place to get a falafel in all of Tel-Aviv. Besides, this little detour will take us past Independence Park, which I haven’t had a chance to tell you about yet. 

Ok. Shlomo and Sons is ahead at the intersection of Ben Yahuda St. It will be on your left. If you get a falafel at any other place and compare it to Shlomo and Sons, this place will win every time.

To quote from a recent review, “This is one of my must go-to falafel places in Tel Aviv. The falafel is tender and so delicious. The pitas they use are fluffy like clouds. The humus, tahini and various salads are always fresh and amazing. And they only make enough falafel balls for the immediate order, so they too are always fresh and warm. Very highly recommended!”

Keep in mind that with many shops here in Tel-Aviv, they only accept cash. Let’s keep moving.


Point #26
Independence Park

Mikha St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.79
  • Attraction : Park

Independence Park is on your right. And before we get into how awesome it is, let me give you a little history lesson. And I mean little.

Where the park sits used to be a limestone hill, and it was a military base during the British Mandate. On Israel’s first Independence Day of 1949, the first trees were planted here. The park officially opened in 1952 and was renovated in 2009.

Told ya there would only be a little history. Now to the fun part: This hilltop, seaside park with magnificent views has grass galore with ample room for running, picnicking and sports-playing.

Kids love it for the swings, slides and climbing frames, and dogs like it because, well, dogs like most everything outdoors. Remember, Israelis love their dogs. You are likely to see lots of dog walkers at this park.

Check it out the next time you wanna just relax on the grass and take in the Mediterranean views.

Let’s head to Dizengoff St now for some culinary delights. Follow your navigation.


Point #27
Dizengoff Street

Dizengoff St 239, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.86
  • Attraction : Street

Dizengoff Street is a must-visit destination for any foodie looking to explore the most exciting culinary hotspots in Israel. Running from the top of the city to its center, Dizengoff Street is known for its wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Here are just a few of the highlights you can find in this vibrant locale:

One of the most iconic places to try on Dizengoff Street is the Supernova Bakery, known for its luscious pastries and cakes. Grab a coffee and a croissant to start your day, or indulge in one of their famous chocolate-dipped eclairs.

For those in search of traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, Abulafia Bakery is definitely worth stopping by. Famous for their mouth-watering shakshuka, pitas, and hummus, Abulafia is open 24/7, making it a great spot for any time of day or night.

For something a little more upscale, you can also try out The Dining Room, which offers a high-end evening dining experience. Their menu combines classic Middle Eastern dishes with modern techniques and presentation, resulting in some truly unique and memorable dining experiences.

Of course, these are just a few of the many delicious options you can find on Dizengoff Street - there are dozens more restaurants, bars, and cafes to explore, each offering its own unique take on Israeli cuisine.

With so many culinary delights to discover, Dizengoff Street is easily one of the top food destinations in Tel Aviv, if not the entire country.

Now let’s make our way to Dizengoff Square.


Point #28
Dizengoff Square (Kikar)

Bet Lessin/Dizengoff, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.22
  • Attraction : Square

Dizengoff Square is one of the most iconic squares in Tel Aviv, located at the heart of the city. Named after the famed Tel Aviv Mayor Meir Dizengoff, the square has served as a gathering place for locals and tourists alike for over 80 years.

The square is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it a popular destination for both shopping and dining. It's particularly famous for its iconic fountain, which has become a symbol of the city itself.

The fountain has gone through several transformations over the years, but its most recent design features a lively display of colorful water jets that light up at night.

Apart from the fountain, the square also serves as a venue for various cultural and musical events, particularly during the summer months. Visitors can enjoy outdoor concerts, dance performances and festivals right here in the square.

In addition to being a popular gathering spot, Dizengoff Square also plays an important role in Tel Aviv's modern history.

The square has been the site of several significant demonstrations and protests over the years, most notably the numerous protests and rallies that took place during the summer of 2011 as part of the social justice movement.

Overall, Dizengoff Square is more than just a pretty public space - it's a hub of activity and a symbol of Tel Aviv's rich cultural heritage. Whether you're in the mood for some shopping and dining, or just want to soak up the atmosphere of one of Tel Aviv's most popular public spaces, Dizengoff Square should definitely be on your must-visit list.


Point #29
Urban Farming

Bar Kochva St 51, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.20
  • Attraction : Farming

Tel Aviv has a growing urban farming movement, with several rooftop and community gardens spread throughout the city.

These initiatives promote sustainable agriculture, community engagement, and green spaces in the midst of the urban environment.

In the year 2015, in the heart of Tel Aviv, on the rooftops of Dizengoff shopping center, the first urban farm in Israel was founded. The ‘Green in the City’ farm was established by Dizengoff Center and LivinGreen, with the common goal of promoting urban agriculture in Israel.

This farm is spread on all of the shopping center’s roofs and produces monthly, thousands of green leaves, such as lettuce, basil, parsley, spinach, kale, bok choy and more.


Point #30

Tchernikhovski St 58, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.22
  • Attraction : Acceptance

Tel Aviv is known for having a vibrant and thriving LGBTQ+ community, and many consider it to be one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the world.

The gay lifestyle in Tel Aviv is diverse and inclusive, with a variety of events, venues, and activities available for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies.

Some popular LGBTQ+ events in Tel Aviv include the annual Tel Aviv Pride Parade, which takes place each June and attracts thousands of people from around the world.

The city also hosts other events throughout the year, such as the Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival, the Tel Aviv Drag Festival, and the Tel Aviv Gay Vibe Festival.

In terms of venues, Tel Aviv has a wide range of LGBTQ+ bars, clubs, and restaurants, catering to different tastes and interests. Some of the most popular gay bars in Tel Aviv include Shpagat, which is known for its relaxed atmosphere and live music, and Evita, which is a popular spot for dancing and socializing.

The city also has a thriving nightlife scene, with many clubs and parties taking place throughout the week.

In addition to the social scene, Tel Aviv also has a number of organizations and support groups, including the Aguda - Israel's LGBTQ Task Force, which advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and provides services and support for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families.

Overall, the gay lifestyle in Tel Aviv is characterized by a strong sense of community, inclusivity, and celebration. The city's LGBTQ+ community is proud and visible, and continues to make strides in the fight for equality and acceptance.


Point #31
Meir Garden

King George St 37, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.27
  • Attraction : Park

Meir Garden is one of the most peaceful and picturesque spots in Tel Aviv. Located near the Old North neighborhood, this lush garden is home to over 700 species of plants and flowers.

This tranquil oasis provides a much-needed respite from city life and offers visitors an array of unique sights and activities.

The garden boasts a wide range of attractions including a cactus and succulent garden, wooded areas, a butterfly house and even an aviary.

There are also plenty of outdoor seating options where you can take in all the beauty of the park while enjoying a picnic or simply relaxing.

The highlight of Meir Garden might just be its impressive collection of sculptures; there are works from some of Israel’s most renowned artists on display here, making it a must-see for art lovers.

If you're looking for something more active to do during your visit, Meir Garden also hosts several events throughout the year. Here you can find everything from yoga classes to performances by local musicians.

Many parents also enjoy bringing their children here for special playdates, as there's plenty of open space for kids to explore.

Overall, Meir Garden is definitely worth exploring if you're ever in Tel Aviv. With its diverse attractions and stunning natural beauty, this hidden gem is sure to delight anyone who visits it.


Point #32
Nahalat Binyamin

King George St 4, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.13
  • Attraction : Market

It should come as no surprise that we will be ending our tour at… you guessed it… a market. Actually two markets.

Nahalat Binyamin Market and Carmel Market are adjacent to each other.

The Nahalat Binyamin neighborhood is a vibrant and bustling area with colorful streets, lively markets and diverse population. From street performers to small boutique shops, there's always something new to discover here.

The streets are also filled with plenty of interesting sights and activities. Here you can find everything from antiques stores to cafes and clubs; each one offering its own unique atmosphere that makes it stand out from the rest.

These exciting establishments often host live music on Friday nights or open mic nights on Wednesdays; perfect if you're looking for some evening entertainment during your visit.

One of the most popular attractions in the district is the weekly craft market. Every Tuesday and Friday, vendors from all over Israel come here to display their handmade goods such as jewelry, souvenirs and even works of art. It's a great opportunity to pick up some unique gifts or items for yourself, while also supporting local artisans at the same time.


Point #33
Shuck ha-Carmel (Carmel Market)

HaCarmel Market/Allenby, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Distance : 0.00
  • Attraction : Market

And finally, Shuck ha-Carmel, or Carmel Market. One end of this market is taken up with fashion and electronics, while another end consists of food stalls and fresh produce. Opening in 1920, it remains the largest market in Tel Aviv. 

Even if one is not in the mood for shopping, it is a vibrant place to walk and explore. 

The Carmel Market is an integral part of the history of Tel Aviv. As with most other cities around the globe, indoor malls and online shopping predominate, yet the market remains ever popular. 

Recent years have seen a growing number of boutique stalls opening alongside those of traditional traders. Today one can find such offerings as craft beers to fusion cuisine.

The market is known as being a great place for finding exceptionally fresh seasonal fruits and veggies as well as a place to go for specialty products. 

Given the abundance of fresh food, it's no surprise that the restaurants of Carmel Market are outstanding.

Indeed, the sights, smells, and sounds of Carmel Market can be intoxicating. Known as “The Bubble,” the market alone is part of the reason some families move to this Tel Aviv neighborhood.

Crowded and noisy, and considered by many as the heart of Tel Aviv, Carmel Market is a cultural melting pot of exotic fruits, vegetables, olives, pickles, nuts, meat, cheese, and freshly baked bread.

The Carmel Market is relatively simple in layout, located near the tranquil streets of the Yemenite Quarter, settled by Yemenite-Jewish immigrants early in the 20th century. It’s also close by Nahalat Binyamin Street, home of the biggest and oldest art fair in Israel. 

And that’s it! We did it! Obviously this tour only touched on a small percentage of the marvelous and fascinating things to see and do here in Tel-Aviv, since I didn’t have 10 hours to spend with you today. But we hit some of the best highlights, didn’t we? Now it’s time for you to go explore anything that caught your attention and I’m sure you have a long list!

Thanks so much for joining me today on this UCPlaces tour of Tel-Aviv. Once again, my name is Dave and it was my absolute pleasure to show you around. Have a great day!