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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Map Pin216 US-50, Washington, DC 20520, USA
Distance : 0.27   Attraction : Memorial
POI 1 Tour Image
The Lincoln Memorial

Ok! Ahead on your right is the Lincoln Memorial. It’s the huge white thing with the pillars. It’s the #2 attraction in all of Washington DC. Some of the first proposals for this memorial included a Mayan temple and a log cabin. There was also a disagreement about exactly where the memorial would be located. The speaker of the house at the time said “I’ll never let a memorial to Abraham Lincoln be erected in that damned swamp.” Sorry, but that’s where it is. Also from standing at the Lincoln memorial and facing east, you can see the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and the Washington monument. More about those later.

Point #2
Map PinConstitution Ave NW & 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20004, USA
Distance : 0.05   Attraction : Albert Einstein Memorial statue
POI 2 Tour Image
Albert Einstein Memorial

On your left is a statue of a 12 foot tall bronze guy sitting on a granite bench. That’s the Albert Einstein Memorial. In his left hand, Einstein is holding papers that show his most important scientific theories, like E=mc squared and the theory of general relativity


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