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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Map Pin800 S Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
Distance : 0.50   Attraction : Shopping, condos, art
POI 1 Tour Image
Rosemary Square

We may as well begin this tour with shops, restaurants and condos, right? We’ve got a lot of things to see on this tour, so make note of Rosemary Square and be sure to come back when you have the time to soak it all in. As you drive, I’ll tell you about some of the highlights of this outstanding area. Rosemary Square is an urban oasis that provides an extraordinary living experience with unmatched outdoor settings, vibrant entertainment and culture, plus exciting cuisine and shopping. If art is your thing, you won’t have any trouble finding it here. Rosemary Square takes art out of the gallery and onto the streets. The best international and local artists display their work around just about every corner here. Are you a foodie? Me too! I don’t have time to list all of the fantastic restaurants you can find here at Rosemary Square, so how about I just list the categories? Ok. beer, wine and spirits, delivery and take-out, brunch, coffee and dessert, entertainment, family friendly, fast, casual and market, happy hour, pet friendly, private dining and vegetarian. If you can’t find a favorite restaurant here… well I just don’t believe you. The same goes for shopping. Lululemon? Tommy Bahama? Anthropologie? Yes. Plus many, many more.

Point #2
Map PinClematis Street, N Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
Distance : 0.21   Attraction : Directions
POI 2 Tour Image

Please turn right on Clematis and enjoy the drive. I’ll meet up with you after you cross the railroad tracks.

Point #3
Map Pin403 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
Distance : 0.19   Attraction : Shopping
POI 3 Tour Image
Downtown West Palm Beach

This stretch of road between South Dixie Highway and South Olive Avenue is so cute, I can’t even handle it. Well actually this entire road is cute. Drive slowly, take in the visual experience, and then promise yourself you will come back later and walk this section and feel the vibrant energy here. When you get to the fountain at the end, just turn right and follow South Clematis Street.

Point #4
Map PinNancy M. Graham Centennial Square, 127-199 N Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
Distance : 1.09   Attraction : Waterfront
POI 4 Tour Image
West Palm Beach Waterfront

Fountains and Palm trees. What’s more West Palm Beach than that? I know! Waterfront! I’ll take you there. Follow South Clematis Street until you get to South Flagler Drive. You’ll see that waterfront I mentioned. Again, you are gonna want to make a note and come back later to explore. When you get to Flagler, you’ll see the West Palm Beach Public Dock and Center. Keep driving south on Flagler until you get to Lakeview Avenue and then turn left. I’m going to take you across Royal Park Bridge. Just follow your navigation and enjoy the views. I’ll be quiet now. Ok not yet. Some trivia - Flagler Drive is named after Henry Flagler who is known as the father of Palm Beach and Miami. He was an American Industrialist, founder of Standard Oil and a key figure in developing the Atlantic Coast of Florida and the founder of the Florida East Coast Railway. Ok, now I’ll be quiet.

Point #5
Map Pin440 Brazilian Ave, Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA
Distance : 0.81   Attraction : Scenic Drive
POI 5 Tour Image
Palm Trees

If you’ve made it this far, then you are really good at following navigation! Let’s count the palm trees on Brazilian Avenue. You’ve already missed around 20. Enjoy this drive toward the coast and just imagine yourself living here. Turn right when you get to the end of the street.

Point #6
Map Pin423 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA
Distance : 0.52   Attraction : Iconic Street
POI 6 Tour Image
Worth Ave

We are about to turn down one of the most iconic streets in America, but not before we admire one of West Palm Beach’s most iconic landmarks. Check out the Clock Tower. If you don’t take a selfie here before leaving the area, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not really. But really. Anyway, the Clock Tower was built to memorialize the Palm Beach Pier which was right here before it was destroyed by a 1930 hurricane. And now, Worth Avenue. Along this historic street we have approximately 250 high-end shops, boutiques, restaurants and art galleries and I’m gonna list off every single one for you! I’m kidding. How about YOU drive nice and slow and check out the shops on both sides of the street? Look for Gucci, Tiffany and Company, Ralph Lauren and Saks Fifth Avenue. No need to count the palm trees on this street. Just count the dollars that you will want to spend here when you move!

Point #7
Map Pin401 Cocoanut Row, Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA
Distance : 1.46   Attraction : Marina
POI 7 Tour Image
Town Marina

Wasn’t that fun? I thought so. Next I’m going to take you past the Town Marina before we head north for another awesome bridge. Ahead on the left is the only public marina on the island of Palm Beach and it’s been around since the 1940’s. Keep driving north until you get to Royal Park Bridge and then please turn right. On your left will be the Society of the Four Arts. This is a beautiful 10-acre campus with a couple of libraries, an art gallery, an education center and a performance hall. So what are the four arts that the Society of the Four Arts want to share with the world? Glad you asked. The answer is the passion of music, the beauty of art, the thrill of drama and the pleasure of literature. When you get to the end of the campus, please turn left on Cocoanut Row and follow that all the way to Royal Poinciana Way. I’ll meet you up there.

Point #8
Map Pin1 Cocoanut Row, Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA
Distance : 1.94   Attraction : Bridge
POI 8 Tour Image
Flagler Memorial Bridge

Ready for another bridge? Great! Please turn left on Royal Poinciana Way. We are going to cross the bridge and then turn right on North Flagler Drive. Flagler Memorial Bridge was constructed in 1938. Enjoy the views as you drive across. Try to guess how many feet long it is. Ok, I’ll just tell you. It’s 2,299 feet long. That’s one little bit of trivia. Here’s another one - The Flagler Memorial Bridge is a bascule bridge, or in other words, a drawbridge. It opens once an hour at 15 minutes past the hour to provide clearance for tall ships. Don’t forget to turn right after the bridge, on North Flagler Drive. Then enjoy the scenery and I’ll catch up with you in a while.

Point #9
Map Pin2601 N Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, USA
Distance : 3.94   Attraction : Directions
POI 9 Tour Image

Hi there! Keep driving north and then follow North Flagler Drive around to the left. When you get to the intersection at Broadway Avenue, please turn right. We still have a bit of driving to do. Stay with me! It’s gonna be worth it! When you get to Blue Heron Blvd, please turn right and follow that road over Blue Heron Bridge.

Point #10
Map Pin311 E Blue Heron Blvd Srv Rd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404, USA
Distance : 6.26   Attraction : Beach and Island
POI 10 Tour Image
Riviera Beach/Singer Island

Here comes Blue Heron Bridge which will take you to Singer Island, which was named after Paris Singer, who was heir to Singer Sewing Machines. How’s THAT for some trivia? Anyway, under the bridge is Phil Foster Park and Riviera beach, which is famous for its clear water, exotic sea creatures, boat wrecks and even an underwater snorkel trail! In those beautiful waters you can find a plethora of under-water life including seahorses, pipefish, octopus, stingrays, starfish and even the occasional manatee, sea turtle and dolphin. You don’t even need a boat to enjoy an adventure there. You can just simply walk into the water from the shoreline. How about that? So the rest of our tour will take you back to the area where we started. That means we need to head back the way we came in on Blue Heron Blvd. No rush though. Feel free to explore around Singer Island and see the hotels, condominiums and beaches. I’m not gonna be mad about it. Then turn around and head back west over the bridge. After you get back over the bridge, please follow Blue Heron Blvd to North Congress Avenue and turn left.

Point #11
Map Pin3089 Gin Berry Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
Distance : 5.72   Attraction : Resort
POI 11 Tour Image
Banyan Cay

Let’s talk about golf. I mean, this is Palm Beach after all. Everyone golfs here. Ok well not everyone, but in case it interests you, the Banyan Cay is on your left. It is a members-only private golf club and resort. This place is every golfer’s dream with a Jack Nacklaus Signature Course and a West Indies-inspired clubhouse with a relaxed dress code and family-friendly events all year round. Here’s more fun trivia for ya. How many golf courses are in West Palm Beach? The answer is 23.

Point #12
Map PinEstación tren de Miami, 203 N Tamarind Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
Distance : 4.03   Attraction : Directions
POI 12 Tour Image

Keep driving. You will be turning left on 10th Avenue and then right on North A Street.

Point #13
Map Pin125 N A St, Lake Worth, FL 33460, USA
Distance : 0.55   Attraction : Roundabout
POI 13 Tour Image

I love a good roundabout, don’t you? Please take Lake Avenue to exit the roundabout that’s coming up. I’ll meet up with you when you get to Dixie Avenue.

Point #14
Map Pin1 State Hwy 805, Lake Worth, FL 33460, USA
Distance : 1.25   Attraction : Downtown Lake Worth
POI 14 Tour Image
Downtown Lake Worth

So this stretch of Lake Avenue is something else. Just look around! Downtown Lake Worth is the landing spot for Palm Beach County’s artists, creative minds and local entrepreneurs. The yearly Street Painting Festival here is one of the most highly anticipated free cultural events in all of South Florida. Yes indeed. Every February over 600 artists gather here and turn the streets into a beautiful gallery of traditional, contemporary and even 3-D illusionist chalk art. If you don’t happen to be here during the art festival, that’s ok. Check out the restaurants, bars and other unique businesses along Lake Avenue! And if you aren’t sick of bridges just yet, we have one more to go. Lake Worth Bridge is coming right up. Just keep driving until you get to the ocean.

Point #15
Map Pin10 S Ocean Blvd, Lake Worth, FL 33460, USA
Distance : 0.00   Attraction : The End
POI 15 Tour Image
The End

Hey look! We found the ocean again. That’s the Atlantic, by the way. I hope you enjoyed this tour of West Palm Beach. Can you imagine living here? I bet you can. Feel free to park your car and get out to stretch your legs - and to enjoy the beautiful beach! Lake Worth Pier is just a short walk down the beach if you head south. And, that’s that. I hope you enjoyed seeing some sites in West Palm Beach as much as I enjoyed showing you around. Can you see yourself living here? Do you have any questions? Give Fred DeFalco a call at 561-702-3757, or send him an email. answers@defalco.com. He’d love to talk with you. Thanks for joining me today on this tour of West Palm Beach, Florida. This is Shelly from UCPlaces saying so long, and happy touring!