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Place #1
Distance: 0.42mi , Attraction : Historic site
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241 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
POI 1 Tour Image
Putnam Cottage
Our first stop is the historic Putnam cottage. It’s on the other side of the street from Christ Church. Originally built in the 17th century as a home for Captain Israel Knapp, it soon evolved into a tavern and meeting spot for Freemasons. In The American Revolution, the tavern served many militias and continental troops. Most notably, George Washington’s Troops stopped here in 1776 for lunch. I wonder what was on the menu?

In the 19th Century, a service organization called The Daughters of the American Revolution helped raise funds to restore and return the cottage to its 17th century appearance. Today, the Cottage is maintained as a revolutionary museum, staffed by volunteers of the DAR. Here you can find authentic 18th century pieces as well as a collection of General Putnam Memorabilia. You can either visit the Museum by appointment or stop in during one of their many public events.

Continue straight down East Putnam Ave.

Place #2
Distance: 0.21mi , Attraction : Gym
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E Putnam Ave and Washington Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
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On your left we will pass the YMCA of Greenwich, which has been serving the Greenwich community since 1916. Enjoy access to an Olympic sized pool and diving as well as fitness classes and community-based activities.

Now we will be heading into downtown Greenwich. Please take a left at Greenwich Ave.

Place #3
Distance: 0.76mi , Attraction : Downtown
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18 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
POI 3 Tour Image
Downtown Greenwich
Welcome to Downtown Greenwich. This area is often referred to as the “Shopping district”, and for good reason. You won't be pressed to find plenty of shopping here. You’ll find high-end retailers like Tiffany’s, Hermes and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as brand name stores like Lululemon and Vineyard Vines.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, you’ve got to stop by Splurge just off of Greenwich Ave on your left. Splurge is a locally owned, one-of-a-kind shopping experience, started in 2007 by long-time Fairfield resident Sonia Malloy.

A great part about Splurge is that they offer a concierge service. Call or email ahead about the people you’re shopping for and they will pull items to show you, making shopping easier while also saving you time.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, head over to Raphael’s Bakery on Elm Street. Raphael’s was originally opened by Raphaël Dequeker, French native and 3rd generation pâtissier in his family. Enjoy authentic French Pastries like sweet, crisp macarons, indulgent eclairs, and flaky croissants.

On your right, just a couple of shops down on Grigg Street, is Diane’s Books. Diane’s Books started in the 1990s and was one of 7 independent bookstores in the area. Now Diane’s Books is the last independent bookstore downtown.

Founded by Diane Garret, she lives by the motto “I don’t care what you’re reading as long as you’re reading” and is often referred to by locals as “The Book Matchmaker”.
Keep driving, but remember this spot so you can come back later with your wallet! Our next stop is an art museum.

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Place #4
Distance: 0.64mi , Attraction : Museum
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1 Museum Dr, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
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Bruce Museum
Welcome to the Bruce Museum of Science and Art on your left. We will be turning left on Museum Drive, by the way. So, this art museum has been serving the community since 1908. The institution's mission is to highlight art, science and natural history in a way that's engaging to all audiences.

Bruce Museum offers over 12 rotating exhibits as well as a permanent collection that highlight every fascinating and exciting thing about the world we live in. Explore subjects ranging from geology, archaeology and meteorology, which reminds me, the Bruce Museum of Art and Science has a hands-on meteorite. If you’ve never touched a meteorite, here’s your chance.

Please follow your navigation.

Place #5
Distance: 1.29mi , Attraction : Park
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399 Davis Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
POI 5 Tour Image
Bruce Park
Welcome to Bruce Park located on your left. This park is a hidden gem of Greenwich offering picturesque views of the nearby ponds and the Long Island Sound. The paved walkways make this park great for running and biking. They also get plowed in the winter time making this a great spot for playing in the snow.

Bruce Park offers plenty of amenities like tennis courts, picnic areas and a playground. Keep your eyes peeled for swans that frequent the ponds. They are beautiful but can also be very territorial. There’s your warning.

We will also be passing the East-Coast Greenway that runs through this park. The East Coast Greenway started in 1991 and now offers 3,000 miles of bikeable route that goes all the way from Maine to Florida. You’d better get going if you plan to get to Florida before dark. I’m just kidding. You can do that later.

Continue left onto Indian Field Road.

Place #6
Distance: 0.53mi , Attraction : Nature Preserve
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44 Indian Field Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
POI 6 Tour Image
Sachem Nature Preserve
Tucked back behind these homes on your right is the Sachem Nature Preserve. There is a large nature trail that runs through this park, perfect for hiking. The park's dense tree line makes this a great spot for bird watching as well, where you will often see American Robins, which is Connecticut’s State bird.
Please turn right on East Putnam Avenue

Place #7
Distance: 0.64mi , Attraction : Food
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140 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob, CT 06807, USA
POI 7 Tour Image
Fjord Fish Market/ Arcuri’s Pizza
On the left you’ll pass by Fjord Fish Market - the best place to get the Freshest Fish in Greenwich. This modern fish shop will have everything you need to wow a dinner party with wild caught Salmon and Grouper as well as rope grown mussels. If you’d like to leave the cooking to the professionals, they offer plenty of fresh in house made soup and sides.

We will also pass Greenwich’s famous Arcuri’s Pizza and Salad on the left. Arcuri’s has been serving Greenwich for over 45 years. It first opened its doors in 1971 and is now considered a landmark of Greenwich. Arcuri’s prides themselves on using recipes passed down throughout generations, dating back to the owner’s great great grandmother and grandfather from Calabria, Italy.

Try their “Generation” salad. It's a favorite among locals. If you’re looking for something more indulgent you can’t go wrong with a slice of gooey cheese pizza and an order of garlic knots.

Place #8
Distance: 1.31mi , Attraction : River
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745 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob, CT 06807, USA
POI 8 Tour Image
Mianus River
On your right we will be passing The Mianus River Pond . This lovely river is 20 miles long and provides Greenwich, Stamford and adjoining New York communities with drinking water, so do your part and keep the waterways clean!

Take a right up at Sound Beach Ave.

Place #9
Distance: 0.73mi , Attraction : Park/Railway
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1 Forest Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870, USA
POI 9 Tour Image
Binney Park/Old Greenwich
If you’re looking for a good picnic spot, visit Old Greenwich’s Binney Park, located on your right. Binney Park has been around since 1933 and is a beloved part of Greenwich’s history. You’ll find a picturesque pond and weeping willows making it a perfect backdrop to a springtime picnic.

On your left we will pass the Old Greenwich Railroad Station which was built in 1894 and added to the national registry of historic places in 1989. The Old Greenwich Railroad Station is served by the MTA Metro-North. Metro- North is a suburban commuter rail that offers service between New York City and the surrounding New York and Connecticut suburbs.

Did you know the MTA Metro-North railroad is the 3rd largest commuter rail in the US? Yup.

After the Railroad station we will be entering Old Greenwich. This area was originally referred to as “Elizabeth Neck” in reference to its original founder, Elizabeth Fones, niece and daughter in law of John Winthrop.

On your left you will see Sweet Pea’s Baking company. This cozy cafe is great for a pre-beach breakfast or a mid-day brunch with friends. Looking for something sweet? Enjoy a fresh double chocolate croissant or if you’re looking for something more savory try their roasted veggie Panini. Or try them all. Whatever you want.

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Place #10
Distance: 1.35mi , Attraction : information
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316 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870, USA
POI 10 Tour Image
Fun Fact
Fun Fact! Did you know former president George H.W. Bush met his wife and future first lady Barbara in Greenwich? He attended Greenwich Country day school and met Barbara at a dance in 1941.

Continue on our drive and turn right on Shore Road. Next stop? The beach!

Place #11
Distance: 0.00mi , Attraction : Beach
Map Pin
15 Tods Driftway, Old Greenwich, CT 06870, USA
POI 11 Tour Image
Greenwich Point Beach
Welcome to Greenwich Point Beach, one of the four beaches here in Greenwich. Just keep driving until you get to the end of the road. The views are worth it. The Gravel walkway along the beach makes this a great place for a walk, jog or bike ride. Enjoy views of the Long Island Sound and the faint lights of New York City.

At low tide, Greenwich Point is a perfect place for shell fishing. Enjoy digging for fresh Oysters, and if you need help, Shellfish Wardens are available to help assist and give tips for all the shuckers out there.

Did you know Connecticut harvests over 200,000 bushels of Oysters annually? It’s true.

Charcoal grills are located near the park as well as picnic tables, making a beach day picnic easy and accessible. However, if you’d rather have a hassle-free meal, the Beach also offers concessions like hamburgers, hotdogs and sodas at your convenience.

Did you know Greenwich Point just joined the National Register of Historic Places in 2021? Also true. Get out there and enjoy it!

That concludes our tour of Greenwich. If you liked what you saw and want to find out more information, give NestSeekers International a call at (203) 921-9987 or send them an email at garveyf@nestseekers.com.

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