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Place #1
Distance: 0.10mi , Attraction : Fitness Center
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Centum, Dartmouth, NS B3A 0C1, Canada
POI 1 Tour Image
Zatzman SportsPlex
I’ve got a question for you. Who exactly is recreation for? Well according to Zatzman Sportsplex, recreation is for everyone and their vision is to help folks be physically and socially active, lead healthy, happy lives, and feel a strong sense of belonging in their community. The core value at Zatsman is people. People, people, people.

So what’s in that people-loving building? Well for starters, they have two pools, a splash pad, a therapy pool, two amazing water slides and a Tarzan rope for you adventurous people. Of course every pool needs locker rooms and should offer swim lessons and Zatsmal has both.

Next up is a state of the art gym with fitness classes, personal training and athletic programs that run all year long. How about a little ice skating? Well then, the Zatzman SportsPlex has a skating rink open year-round for rentals.

There’s also an indoor track in case you need to run or walk off some steam. Do you like to dance? Would you like to learn? Dance classes are offered here for all ages and all levels.

Are you tired of your teenagers whining about being bored? Drop them off at Teen Takeover night and let the amazing staff at Zatzman Sportsplex keep them busy with swimming, sports, games and all things that keep them from whining. That right there is reason enough to join the gym. You will NOT be disappointed.

Let’s head to a park now. Please follow your navigation.

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Place #2
Distance: 0.32mi , Attraction : Park
Map Pin
95 Wyse Rd, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4S5, Canada
POI 2 Tour Image
Dartmouth Commons
Tell me what these words have in common - goofyfoot, railslide, McTwist, crooked grind… Need a hint? Look ahead to your right. That’s the Dartmouth Common Skatepark and all those words I just said are skateboarding terms. So grab your deck and catch some air while doing a noseslide kickflip fakie. Or something.

To your left is the Dartmouth Commons Park - a fantastic place to take a stroll with coffee in-hand, enjoy some fresh air and experience some beautiful views. Leighton Dillman Park is at the southern tip of Dartmouth Commons and there you can find Dogwood trees, butterfly bushes, and more wildflowers than you can count.

Place #3
Distance: 0.13mi , Attraction : Shopping
Map Pin
23 Nova Scotia Trunk 7, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2N2, Canada
POI 3 Tour Image
Alderney Landing
Next up is Alderney Landing and it is more than just a ferry terminal, although that in itself is pretty cool. This fun place is also a community culture center, art gallery, market, events plaza and theatre facility.
The lower level of Alderney Landing is a happening place with coffee shops, restaurants and weekly markets.
The Wooden Monkey is a favorite restaurant that supports local farmers and the environment. Their menu is fantastic and their draft beer list is to die for.
Let’s turn left on Ochterloney Street because there's lots to see there.

Place #4
Distance: 0.14mi , Attraction : Restaurants
Map Pin
145-33 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4P5, Canada
POI 4 Tour Image
Ochterloney St.
Let’s begin with pie. Savory New Zealand inspired pie at Humble Pie Kitchen. With choices like Chicken Cranberry Brie, Steak and Cheese, and Mushroom and Ginger, it’s hard to choose!

Battery Park Beer Bar and Eatery is known for their 20 rotating beer taps and award winning Ace Burger kitchen. Farm to table food and the best of Nova Scotia’s beer means you can’t pass this place up.

The Two if by Sea Cafe is right around the corner and I promise, they have the absolute best chocolate croissants, period. Go try one if you don’t believe me. Grab a cappuccino and enjoy this happening and happy cafe.

Oh, do you like winter markets? Me too! And the Dartmouth Makers Winter Market at Christ Church Parish Hall is a pretty big deal. It’s located on Ochterloney Street only about a block from here.

Next I’d love to show you Portland Street so please follow your navigation and be prepared for some good stuff!

Place #5
Distance: 0.09mi , Attraction : Restaurant
Map Pin
6 Queen St, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1E7, Canada
POI 6 Tour Image
Celtic Corner
Please turn left on Alderney Drive.
I know we aren’t on Portland Street just yet but we can’t just pass by Celtic Corner Pub. It will be on your left. This is a good old traditional Pub where you can listen to Irish, Scottish and Nova Scotian music while sipping a perfectly poured Guinness and snacking on some of the best poutine around on their rooftop patio. Stone Pizza must also be mentioned because they have the most amazing Signature, Vegan and Keto pizzas. Trust me. Ok, NOW let’s tackle Portland Street.

Place #6
Distance: 0.20mi , Attraction : Shopping
Map Pin
81 Alderney Dr, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2N7, Canada
POI 7 Tour Image
Portland Street
So Portland street is a fun row of unique shops, small businesses and restaurants. Let’s explore. Beer or Clothing? Luckily, we don’t have to pick because New Scotland Brewing Company and New Scotland Clothing Company are on the back side of the Harbour Place 10 building here at the corner of Alderny and Portland. But let’s keep going. Head north on Portland.

I believe that Everyone deserves a well-crafted meal, made with love. You know who else believes that? Renee Lavallee and Doug Townsend, owners of The Canteen on Portland ahead on your right. If you are looking for a home away from home to enjoy honest, unpretentious food made with love, this is the place to be. Brunch, lunch or dinner, the Canteen on Portland will treat you right.

Ok, so it’s probably clear at this point that you are gonna wanna come back and walk around this cute little downtown area. I just can’t tell you all of the fabulous things you can find here. Beer, pizza, pasta, coffee, books, crepes and the list goes on and on. Get out your calendar, set a date and set a reminder to come back very very soon. Please turn right on King Street.

Place #7
Distance: 0.54mi , Attraction : Community
Map Pin
8 King St, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2R4, Canada
POI 8 Tour Image
King’s Wharf
Continue on King Street past Alderney Drive. That will take you to the ideal urban neighborhood of Kings Wharf. With four different beautiful condo buildings to choose from, you can surely find the home that fits your wants and needs. Amazing views? Check. Shopping and dining? Check. Pet friendly? Also check. But that’s not all. Kings Wharf offers the best boardwalk with incredible sunset scenery that can’t be beat. There are also plenty of parks, pedestrian-only streets and even a beach. Go ahead and drive to the end of the street and take it all in. Then head back this direction and turn right on Alderney Drive as we head toward Lake Banook.

Place #8
Distance: 0.32mi , Attraction : Pond
Map Pin
99 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1M2, Canada
POI 9 Tour Image
Sullivan’s Pond
We are on our way to Lake Banook but we can’t really drive past Sullivan’s Pond without pointing out that this Pond is one of the best-known scenic and recreational destinations around. You can find plenty of park and picnic space, a concert pavilion and even a fountain right there in the middle of the pond.

Place #9
Distance: 0.00mi , Attraction : Lake
Map Pin
195 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1M5, Canada
POI 10 Tour Image
Lake Banook
Does anyone know where the sport of hockey was born? Well, hockey was played on Lake Banook around 1827. Yup. That huge lake off to your left. It wasn’t called hockey though. It was known as rickets and wicket but that later evolved into what we know as hockey. True story.

So let’s talk about this “Lake Banook.” Are you a fan of kayaks, sprint canoes or dragon boats? If so, you should know that Lake Banook has clubs for all three? By the way, if you are thinking “What in the world is a dragon boat,” it is a traditional Chinese paddlecraft originating more than 2000 years ago. People these days typically make them out of carbon fiber and attach decorative Chinese dragon heads and tails for competitions.

Lake Banook has an international style 1000-meter sprint canoe and kayak race course during the summer months and local and national events are held here every year.
There are also plenty of parks surrounding this freshwater lake, plus several fantastic swimming holes and swings. This place is perfect for some family fun.

Enjoy the drive alongside this beautiful lake. Oh, and notice that trail that’s next to Lake Banook? That is part of the Trans Canada Trail which is the longest recreational, multi-use trail network in the world. It stretches over 24,000 kilometers so you’d better get walking now if you are gonna traverse the whole thing by dinner time. Just kidding.

And that’s a wrap. Did you have fun? I know I did. Again, I’m Jessica from the Pike Group. Give me a call at 902-999-2667 and let’s chat!

Have a great day!

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