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Explore 2 UCPlaces digital self-guided tours in Jerusalem

Hello and Welcome to this UCPlaces tour of Old Jerusalem in Israel. My name is Dave, and it will be my pleasure showing you around this ancient land. Here we are at the cultural crossroads of historical and religious beliefs spanning the globe. Old Jerusalem's significance as a religious, historical, and cultural crossroads make it a compelling destination for people from all walks of life to renew their faith or learn about new ideals.  Jerusalem has a rich and complex history dating back thousands of years. It has been conquered and ruled by various civilizations, from the Canaanites and Babylonians, to the Crusaders, and the British, leaving behind a tapestry of historical layers and archaeological sites. The Old City of Jerusalem is known for its stunning architecture, including medieval walls, narrow winding streets, and centuries-old buildings. The architecture reflects the city's rich history and the influence of different rulers and time periods. Let’s get going, and explore this more ancient part of the world. Follow your navigation, and we will begin shortly.   

Places: 22 POIs Distance: 1.71 mi Duration: 1h:18m

Welcome to one of the most influential cities in all of the Christian religion! Today, we are going to take a walk through the parts of the city, but we will also head out of the city’s gates and make our way up to the peak of the Mount of Olives. We will have stops along the way to learn about the history of Christianity as it pertains to the city of Jerusalem. There is so much to learn while we are here, but please know that many of these fantastic stops are through the hills of the Mount of Olives. The mileage of this tour is not far, but for a part of it we will be walking uphill. I hope this satisfies your travel bug, and we can begin our walking shortly!

Places: 19 POIs Distance: 1.52 mi Duration: 1h:08m