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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Map Pin510 Young Ave, Halifax, NS B3H 2V3, Canada
Distance : 0.51   Attraction : Park
POI 1 Tour Image
Point Pleasant Park

Our first stop on this tour is Point Pleasant Park. We will be heading north on Young Avenue after this stop. Located on the southern tip of Halifax, Point Pleasant Park is a 75- hectare municipal park serving the community of Halifax. The park offers paved walkways, perfect for biking or a run, as well as wooded footpaths for those who would rather be up close to nature.

If you visit in the summer, make sure to catch a performance from Shakespeare by the Sea, the longest outdoor theatre festival in Canada. Enjoy a wonderful presentation of A Midsummer's Night Dream with the beautiful Halifax harbor in the backdrop.

Point #2
Map Pin981 Young Ave, Halifax, NS B3H 2V1, Canada
Distance : 0.42   Attraction : Facts
POI 2 Tour Image
Halifax Fact

Want a quick Halifact? Halifax is home to the oldest salt-water passenger ferry in North America. The ferry has been connecting Halifax to Dartmouth for over 250 years!

Continue straight on Young Ave and then turn right on Fenwick Street.

Point #3
Map Pin5576 Fenwick St, Halifax, NS B3H 1P8, Canada
Distance : 0.60   Attraction : Restaurant
POI 3 Tour Image

Want the best burger in Halifax? Look no further, on your right is Darrell’s, which has been awarded the Best Burger in Halifax for the last 12 years and the top 10 Best Burger in all of Canada. Darrel’s prides itself on serving only fresh, homemade burgers.

If you’d rather go for something sweet, you have to try another award winner, their milkshakes! They make their milkshakes so thick; the straws stand up on their own!

Please follow your navigation to our next stop. It’s on Lower Water Street.

Point #4
Map Pin1326 Lower Water St, Halifax, NS B3J 3R3, Canada
Distance : 0.31   Attraction : Restaurants
POI 4 Tour Image
Bicycle Thief/ Sea Smoke/ Black Sheep

Ready for a whole lot of restaurants? Let’s go!

If you want some good Italian soul food, go to the award-winning Bicycle Thief, located on your right. Get some mouth-watering Italian classics like carbonara or new-school dishes like pistachio honey-crusted Atlantic salmon. Shane says the butterscotch caramel cake is divine.

If you’d rather taste some seafood and enjoy the waterfront, head over to Sea Smoke Restaurant and Bar on your right. This Asian fusion restaurant has some of the best sushi in Halifax. You’ve got to go for the dynamite salmon roll with a side of crispy wontons.

If you want a more tavern-style restaurant, try The Black Sheep on your left. This is a great place to grab a drink with friends or after work, if you want something to put color in your cheeks, I suggest the Four Horsemen Cocktail.

Keep following your navigation.

Point #5
Map Pin1661 Lower Water St, Halifax, NS B3J 1S3, Canada
Distance : 0.13   Attraction : Museum
POI 5 Tour Image
Maritime Museum

We will be passing the Maritime Museum on your right. This awesome place is the largest and oldest maritime museum in Canada and has been instrumental in preserving Nova Scotia’s rich Marine history.

They have a great exhibit on the Titanic and Halifax’s role in the “Unsinkable Ship”.

A left at Prince Street a right on Bedford Row will get you to our next stop. Look for The Old Triangle on your left at that intersection. Styled after a 17th-century Pub, The Old Triangle has classic Irish dishes like pan-fried haddock and corn-beef sandwiches.

Point #6
Map Pin1728 Bedford Row, Halifax, NS B3J 1V9, Canada
Distance : 0.46   Attraction : Art Gallery
POI 6 Tour Image
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia/ Old Triangle

Welcome to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. This is a provincial art gallery, showcasing over 18,000 works of art by Nova Scotian, Canadian and international artists.

As you keep following your navigation, you will see Halifax City Hall at the corner of Duke Street and Argyle Street. Then enjoy the cute street and restaurants along the way to our next stop!

Point #7
Map Pin1600 Grafton St, Halifax, NS B3J 2C2, Canada
Distance : 0.13   Attraction : Theatre
POI 7 Tour Image
Gahan House/ Neptune Theatre

Want to try the newest brews? Well, Gahan house is to the left down Sackville Street, but that is a one-way street so please don’t turn right to go there now! You can always come back later. Gahan house is perfect for a few post-work pints or a dinner out. If you like spice, you've got to try their Chicken Chorizo Penne.

Just past Sackville and on your left, we will pass the famous Neptune Theatre. Neptune is the largest professional theatre company in Atlantic Canada. Did you know its longest theatre production was Beauty and the Beast? It was performed a whopping 127 times. That's a lot of “Be our Guest”!

Point #8
Map Pin1549 Grafton St, Halifax, NS B3J 2B9, Canada
Distance : 0.22   Attraction : Hi!
POI 8 Tour Image
Checking in

Are you enjoying the tour? Me too!

Point #9
Map Pin1526 Queen St, Halifax, NS B3J 2H8, Canada
Distance : 0.26   Attraction : Restaurant
POI 9 Tour Image

Want to taste The Sahara? Visit Casablanca for some authentic Moroccan cuisine like mouth-watering Lamb Tagine or Chicken Mhamer. You’ve got to try “Baghir” or Moroccan pancakes, topped with sweet honey and orange blossom.

Make sure to take a right on Dresden row and then a left on Sackville Street.

Point #10
Map Pin5640 Sackville St, Halifax, NS B3J 3Y3, Canada
Distance : 0.16   Attraction : Gardens
POI 10 Tour Image
Halifax Public Gardens

We will be turning right on Bell Road, but diagonally to your left, are the beautiful Halifax Public Gardens. These Victorian-era gardens were created in 1867, the same year as the Canadian Confederation. These gardens include Victorian landscape classics such as carpet beds and tropical displays.

The Halifax Public Gardens also has its very own coffee shop on-site called Uncommon Grounds Cafe, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee among the beautiful scenery, like true Victorian royalty.

Point #11
Map Pin1690 Bell Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 2Z3, Canada
Distance : 0.17   Attraction : Museum
POI 11 Tour Image
Museum of Natural History

Turn right on Ahem Avenue, but just know that ahead on Bell Street to your left is the Museum of Natural History.

Learn all about Nova Scotia’s rich wildlife in their Nature lab where you can see up close live animals that call Halifax home. Did you know that on Monday through Friday at 3:00pm you can see the oldest known Gopher Tortoise take a stroll through the Museum? His name is Gus and he will be happy you stopped by!

Point #12
Map Pin1825 Ahern Ave, Halifax, NS B3H 0A4, Canada
Distance : 0.45   Attraction : Historic Site
POI 12 Tour Image
Citadel Hill

That hill on your right is actually Citadel Hill. The Halifax Citadel was built in 1749 to defend Halifax Harbor, but luckily Halifax was never attacked. Nowadays, Halifax Citadel is a national historic site managed by Parks Canada. You’ll find plenty of public events held here as well as a daily ceremonial firing of a gun to honor the fort's important history. Don't feel bad if you get caught off guard, it happens to even long time Halifax residents!

Make sure to take a right up at Cogswell Street.

Point #13
Map Pin2051 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS B3K 3B2, Canada
Distance : 0.11   Attraction : Bakery
POI 13 Tour Image
LF Bakery

Want a taste of France? Head over to LF Bakery on your right. LF stands for “Laurent French” and it won’t disappoint with their freshly baked baguettes, croissants, and tarts. You’ll feel like you’re on the streets of Paris.

Continue Straight.

Point #14
Map Pin2150 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS B3K 3B4, Canada
Distance : 0.00   Attraction : Doughnut Shop
POI 14 Tour Image
Vandal Doughnuts

We had to end our tour at the best doughnut shop in Halifax. Vandal doughnuts is there on your left. Try innovative flavors like raspberry lemonade, maple bacon, or even Pina Colada. They even offer Vegan doughnuts!

Not enough choices? You can make your own doughnut! Choose from a wide range of flavors, fillings, and toppings to make your perfect doughnut. You can even customize it, making it a perfect stand-in for the traditional birthday cake.

That concludes our tour of Halifax. I hope you had as much fun exploring as I did. If you liked what you saw, reach out to Shane at 902-471-9600. If you want to see more of Halifax, make sure to check out Jessica’s tour of Dartmouth.

Thanks again for taking this tour with UCPlaces.