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Place #1
Distance: 0.38mi , Attraction : Start
Map Pin
3044 Jermantown Rd, Oakton, VA 22124, USA
POI 1 Tour Image
Let's Begin!
You found me! Now make sure you are heading west on Jermantown Road.

I mentioned Tysons Corner earlier. Well in only a 15 minute drive can you experience Fairfax County’s own “edge city”.

Home to the largest mall in the D.C metro area as well as various corporate headquarters, this is a great place to shop till you drop, with countless high-end retailers and 5-star restaurants within walking distance from each other.

Place #2
Distance: 0.44mi , Attraction : Recreation Center
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3144 Jermantown Rd, Oakton, VA 22124, USA
POI 2 Tour Image
Oak Marr Recreation Center
On your right is the Oak Marr recreation center. Their facilities include an Olympic sized heated pool so you can swim all year long as well as a fitness room, racquetball courts, a mini golf course and 2 soccer fields. Got to watch the kids? No problem, they have on-site childcare as well. In the summer they offer a variety of day-camps with a wide range of focuses such as chess, musical theatre and even coding.

Place #3
Distance: 0.65mi , Attraction : School
Map Pin
3319 Jermantown Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA
POI 3 Tour Image
Flint Hill School
On your right we will be passing Flint Hill School, Home of the Huskies! Founded in 1956, Flint Hill serves grades K through 12. The Peterson Middle school building was just finished in 2020 featuring new and modern architecture.

Place #4
Distance: 0.46mi , Attraction : Concert Venue
Map Pin
11041 Heathland Dr, Oakton, VA 22124, USA
POI 4 Tour Image
Wolf Trap National Park
Not far away from Oakton is Wolf Trap National Park, the only national park dedicated to the performing arts. The Filene center is an amazing outdoor amphitheater that hosts a wide range of performers across genres with the ability to seat over 7000 patrons.

Being outdoors makes it a perfect place to have a pre-show picnic.

Place #5
Distance: 0.45mi , Attraction : Trail
Map Pin
3307 Miller Heights Rd, Oakton, VA 22124, USA
POI 5 Tour Image
Gerry Connolly Cross Country Trail
Coming up on your right you will see the entrance to the Gerry Connolly Cross country trail. It isn’t labeled very well, but it is there - I promise. This trail is over 40 miles long and connects the entire Fairfax county from one end to the other. The paved roads make it perfect for a walk with a stroller or kids. Mid-April this trail is great to go on to see Bluebells and Trout Lilies bloom.
Go ahead and keep driving. Feel free to explore any of the neighborhoods in this area! Just make sure to come back to the tour route.

Place #6
Distance: 1.69mi , Attraction : Trail
Map Pin
3121 Miller Heights Rd, Oakton, VA 22124, USA
POI 6 Tour Image
Difficult Run Stream Valley Trail
On the left you will see the entrance to the Difficult Run Stream Valley Trail. Don’t let the name scare you away, this trail is perfect for novices and avid hikers alike. Be on the lookout, this is a popular trail to see deer sightings.

Up ahead you will turn right on Miller Road. Go ahead and enjoy the drive for a bit. Feel free to explore any neighborhoods that look interesting!

Place #7
Distance: 0.43mi , Attraction : School
Map Pin
10420 Co Rd 663, Oakton, VA 22124, USA
POI 7 Tour Image
Oakton Elementary School
Coming up on the right you will see Oakton Elementary School, home of the Panthers!

Oh, here’s a random fact: Originally Oakton was named Flint Hill but was changed to Oakton after the giant Oak Tree that can be seen growing where Chain Bridge Road and Hunter Mill Road Meet.

Place #8
Distance: 1.13mi , Attraction : Shopping Center/Library/Park
Map Pin
2967 Hunter Mill Rd, Oakton, VA 22124, USA
POI 8 Tour Image
Oakton Shopping Center-Oakton Library
Tucked back in here to the right is the Oakton shopping center, where you will find Famous Dave’s BBQ. It’s a great place to satisfy your cravings for some good southern BBQ. You’ll also find all your favorite shops like a Giant grocery store, a CVS and an ABC store.

You will see the Oakton Library on your left, which has an extensive collection of books, dvds, magazines and newspapers. They also provide programming such as preschool story time and book discussions.

In the parking lot of the Unity of Fairfax Church on your left you will find the year-round Farmers market. This farmers market has been around for over 10 years. You will find farm fresh eggs and produce as well as handcrafted baked goods.

I highly recommend NO1 Songs for anything pickled or fermented like homemade kimchi and pickles.

And as we keep driving, we will come to a roundabout. Remember, the cars IN the circle have the right of way. Cars GOING into the circle must yield.
Anyway, to the right of the fun roundabout is Oakton Community Park. It’s a great little park with a historic schoolhouse on the property. Go check it out!

Then keep heading north and I’ll be quiet for a bit so you can enjoy some of the magnificent houses on either side of the road.

Place #9
Distance: 0.81mi , Attraction : Directions
Map Pin
2609 Hunter Mill Rd, Oakton, VA 22124, USA
POI 9 Tour Image
Up-ahead turn right on Vale. As you can see Oakton is very wooded in some parts, making it home to various species of wildlife. You may see foxes, deer, skunks, squirrels and groundhogs roaming your yard.

Your commute to work may even be delayed from geese crossing the street.
Place #10
Distance: 0.38mi , Attraction : Directions
Map Pin
10100 State Rte 672, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 10 Tour Image
Turn right on Oak Valley Drive
Place #11
Distance: 0.99mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
Map Pin
2552 Oak Valley Dr, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 11 Tour Image
Lake Vale Estates Community
On your right you will see Lake Vale Estates but don’t let the estates fool you, Lake Vale Estates Community is far from the uptight community the name could imply

The neighborhood consists of 283 homes and reministaint of the Baby-boomer era in which these homes were erected, the community close knit, with grandparents and cousins living only doors away from each other.

The community has a beautiful lake as its centerpieces as well as a clubhouse,swimming pool, tennis court and baseball diamond.

You’ve heard of pickleball, right? Well the Lake Vale Estates Community tennis court also serves as a great pickle ball court? Let’s talk pickle ball for a minute. This fun sport was invented in 1965 on an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington. Three dads got together to create this game because their kids were bored in the summertime and driving them crazy.

It’s a paddle ball sport, similar to a racket sport that combines elements of badminton, ping pong, and tennis. It is insanely popular in the United States and is spreading like wildfire internationally. You’d better hop on that bandwagon!

Continue Straight on Oak Valley Drive and turn right on Chain Bridge.

Place #12
Distance: 0.52mi , Attraction : Directions
Map Pin
2730 Oak Valley Dr, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 12 Tour Image
Yup, this is Chain Bridge. Time to turn right
Place #13
Distance: 0.80mi , Attraction : Directions
Map Pin
2822 Chain Bridge Rd, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 13 Tour Image
Turn left on Courthouse and then take a right on Edgelea. If your navigation is using its voice to direct you around, it might call the street A-Jelly-a, and that’s weird but kind of fun. Enjoy the drive and check out the lovely homes as you make your way to Blake Lane, where we will be turning left.
Place #14
Distance: 0.41mi , Attraction : Directions
Map Pin
9838 Sweet Mint Dr, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 14 Tour Image
Go ahead and turn left on Sutton Rd.
Place #15
Distance: 0.33mi , Attraction : School
Map Pin
2924 Rensselaer Ct, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 15 Tour Image
Oakton High School
Look to your left and don your Burgundy and Gold because we are coming up on Oakton Highschool. Go Cougars! And then turn right on Country Creek Rd.

Place #16
Distance: 0.21mi , Attraction : Metro
Map Pin
2801 Roesh Way, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 16 Tour Image
Vienna Metro Station
Welcome to the Vienna Metro. Being the first stop on the metro means you get the first choice of seats.

This is located on the orange line which takes to you some of the most iconic places in D.C such as Georgetown, The National mall and the Smithsonians. This makes it even more convenient to commute into work.

Place #17
Distance: 0.30mi , Attraction : Directions
Map Pin
9486 Virginia Center Blvd, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 17 Tour Image
Please stay to the left.
Place #18
Distance: 0.59mi , Attraction : School
Map Pin
Virginia Center Blvd, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
POI 18 Tour Image
Marshall Road Elementary School
Across the street you will see Marshall Road Elementary School. Built in 1961, this school serves grades K through 6. Let’s go ahead and turn left on Nutley

Place #19
Distance: 0.27mi , Attraction : Park
Map Pin
502 Stephen Cir SW, Vienna, VA 22180, USA
POI 19 Tour Image
Nottoway Park
Now let’s turn left on Courthouse Road.

Got a furry friend? Bring them down to the Vienna dog park! This park has plenty of space for your dog to run around and make new friends, they even offer kiddie pools in summer so they can cool down.

Just past the dog park is Nottoway Garden, where you can rent a small plot of land to grow your own fruits, vegetables and flowers. There are 9 different gardens with 650 plots spread throughout the county. I think that’s pretty neat.

On your left is Nottoway Park and it is huge. It has baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball, soccer fields, ultimate frisbee fields, picnic areas, a large leash-free dog park,a fitness trail, and a peaceful wooded nature path. During the summer, you can enjoy Nottoway Nights which is a weekly series of free public concerts put on by entertainers from all over the world.

Wanna get married or have a party or some other fun gathering? Hunter House in Nottoway Park is an historic mansion that can accommodate 75 guests indoors and 150 outdoors. Now you have a reason to throw a party! Or, to get married, if that’s what you wanna do.

But for now, we’ve come to the end of the tour. So what did you think about Oakton? Did you see some great neighborhoods that you’d like to be part of? I bet you did. This has been really fun for me and I hope it has been fun for you as well. If you have any questions, just give Havah a call directly at 703-447-7003. I’m telling you, she would LOVE to talk to you!

Thanks again for joining me on this UCPlaces Where-to-Live tour of Oakton, Virginia. Have a great day!

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