Points Of Interest

Point #1
Kick Axe Throwing

1840 Fenwick St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 48
  • Attraction : Axe throwing studio

So, Kick Axe Throwing of Washington DC is a great place to begin a distillery tour, but not a great place to end one. Drunken axe throwing is not advised on this tour. The throwing studio is located at 1401 Okie Street, suite 102. If you ever wanted to learn how to throw an axe, the Kick Axe Throwing Axe Pros can teach you the basics in about 10 minutes and then let you safely compete in some fun games against your friends. It’s a great place to hang out and even offers food while you throw your axe and drinks for after. Give it a try! Then come back out here and head west toward Fenwick Street. Have fun!

Point #2

1840 Fenwick St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 117
  • Attraction : Directions

Everyone still have all their fingers and toes? Good. Please turn right on Fenwick. We also need to get to the other side of that street so please cross safely. I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life, but there’s a crosswalk at the intersection of Fenwick and New York Avenue.

Point #3
Republic Restoratives Distillery and Craft Cocktail Bar

1369 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 162
  • Attraction : Distillery and cocktail bar

Yay! Our first distillery stop! Republic Restoratives Distillery and Craft Cocktail Bar is the largest crowd-funded, female-owned distillery in U.S. history? So there ya go. Childhood friends, Pia Carusone and Rachel Gardner left their political careers and started an Indiegogo campaign in order to raise money for their fledgling distillery. This fundraising effort allowed them to open their doors in May of 2016, on Kentucky Derby Day, which seems fitting. Call me crazy, but I bet mint juleps were on the menu that day. And it’s possible they used their signature rye whiskey in those juleps: the controversial Rodham Rye, which they say is a tribute to all the women whose shoulders they stood on to get where they are. Besides their rye, Republic Restoratives offers a small-batch bourbon, apple brandy and vodka variety. They also provide recipes along with step-by-step instructions on their website: republicrestoratives.com. So, if you’re a fan of muddling, then stock up on some bitters, grab a bottle or two of their signature spirits, and start tending bar! Well, your own bar. I’m thinking they won’t just let you start tending theirs. But they will allow you to sit and have a cocktail in their Ivy Room: airy and trendy with large garage doors that open all the way up on nice days. Tours are offered on Saturdays and Sundays on a first-come, first-served basis, and are limited to 25 guests. Check the calendar on the Republic Restoratives website under “visit us” before arriving, since tours can be canceled for private events. It pays to do a bit of research first before you and your closest 25 friends just decide to show up. You can arrange a private tour outside of their standard times, however. So if you’re interested in scheduling say, your next family reunion, which may be a good idea to drink heavily when interacting with family members (just saying). Just be sure and register beforehand on their website. Our next stop is a really fun one. But I need to warn you about something. You have to walk past a seafood warehouse to get to it and the smell is… how do I put it… a little bit fishy. Ok a lot fishy. But it is worth it! New Columbia Distillers/Green Hat Gin has free tastings and their gin is amazing. So when you are ready, plug your nose and head south on Fenwick St away from New York Ave and toward the fishy smell. Our destination is just past Gallaudet St on your right.

Point #4
New Columbia Distillers/Green Hat Gin

1840 Fenwick St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 161
  • Attraction : Gin Distillery

You are almost to New Columbia Distillers/Green Hat Gin. I know, the name is a mouthful. But since it’s a mouthful you came for, of liquor that is, then you’re definitely in the right place. The name of their signature, “Green Hat Gin” was derived from the story of D.C. resident George Cassiday, who became famous for wearing his signature green felt hat. Oh, and also for selling bootleg booze to members of the house and senate during prohibition. So there's that. He was eventually arrested in 1930, but allegedly never spent a night behind bars, possibly because of his friendships on Capital Hill (he did eventually blew the whistle on all of his former congressional clients). We may even have him to thank for the repeal of prohibition! Way to go, George, if that's the case. You can read all about Mr. Cassiday on the distillery's website: greenhatgin.com. Also on their website you can learn about the Lowe family and their spouses who started the business, and were the first to bring craft distilling to the D.C. area. If it's gin you like then you're in luck – gin production is the mainstay here at New Columbia Distillers. From their original Green Hat, the stronger Navy Strength, or their seasonal varieties, there's a gin for every palette, whether mixed in a cocktail or enjoyed neat. If you're more of a whiskey drinker, New Columbia just released a limited supply of locally sourced rye. So get yours while you still can. Note that the distillery's hours are limited. They're open for tours and free tastings on Saturdays from 1-4pm. No reservations required. They also occasionally offer special events with extended hours. Check their website before heading over or sign up for email updates. Next, head back the way you came in and turn left on Gallaudet St. We are going to walk a few short blocks to get to our next distillery.

Point #5

1901 Gallaudet St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 130
  • Attraction : Directions

Nope, you aren’t lost. Our next distillery is a couple more blocks ahead, just around the bend. Remember when I was telling you during the intro that Ivy City was in a transformation stage? This section of our tour shows it. Look around and you see old, run down homes right next to beautifully renovated or brand new homes. Come on Ivy City! Keep pushing ahead! There is so much potential here! Keep walking. We are almost there. Oh, fun story by the way - When this tour was created, our next distillery wasn’t even on the map yet because it was that new. Hope you like it!

Point #6

1901-1907 Fairview Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 71
  • Attraction : Directions

Almost there. Stay with me.

Point #7
Don Ciccio & Figli

1135 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 95
  • Attraction : Italian liqueur distillery

There it is, ahead on your right. What a beautiful shade of blue-purple. What is really beautiful though, is what’s inside. Don Ciccio & Figli distills Italian-inspired liqueurs and they are more than happy to tell you all about them, give you a tour of the distillery, AND let you taste things for free! That’s pretty great seeing as how they have 14 different liqueurs ranging from sweet to bitter and everything in between. These liqueurs come from old family recipes that date back to the 1800’s in southwest Italy. After you are done tasting, head into their cocktail bar and try some of the delicious liqueurs in a fancy cocktail or two. You won’t regret it. Don’t get too hammered though, because our next distillery is only about a 90 second walk from here. When you are ready, head back to the street and keep walking north on Fairview Ave. Turn left on Okie St and you are there.

Point #8
One Eight Distilling

1231 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 84
  • Attraction : Whiskey distillery

Stop! See that old red brick building on your left? The one with the cool wooden shutters. That’s One Eight Distilling and that’s where we are drinking next! Co-founder and CEO, Sandy Wood, left his career as a D.C. lawyer before deciding to make booze instead. I’m thinking a high stress occupation like that might convince a lot of people to turn to alcohol, but perhaps that’s just me. Correction – might turn to distilling alcohol. Big difference. His partner, Alex Laufer is a foodie who spent years perfecting his profession and his palette in San Francisco and New York before moving to the D.C. area. The two guys and their team share of love of small batch distillation of whiskeys, gins and vodkas. Anyone thirsty yet? If you were familiar with One Eight’s “Ivy City” Gin and “Rock Creek” Whiskeys…well, news flash – those have been renamed under one unified brand: “District Made.” If you’re not familiar with the former Ivy City or Rock Creek labels…then just ignore that last sentence. Pretend I never said it. Anyway, One Eight Distilling only offers District Made liquors now. The other brands are dead to us! According to co-founder, Wood, “the mission of District Made is to feature local grains in our own recipes to create spirits that uniquely showcase flavors of the Mid-Atlantic region.” Sounds good, Mr. Wood – we can for sure get behind that. Their boozy portfolio includes straight bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, vodka, gin, and finally, their barrel rested gin. That last one sounds so relaxing. Hey, is it time to taste any yet? Quit yer yappin, tour lady and get to the drinking part already! Check out their website, oneeightdistilling.com, for tour info and also where to buy their spirits around the DC and Maryland region. Or just give `em a shot (so to speak) in their tasting room, where they serve craft cocktails, samples and whiskey flights. You can also take a bottle home that day at a discount. There’s a food vendor on site…or visitors are welcome to bring in outside eats, which is rather sporting of them I think. One Eight’s cocktails have suggestive titles like Hot Molly, Hanky Panky and Italian Holiday. And if you mix all three together then Molly had one heck of a vacation in Italy, am I right? That Molly. What a boozy floozy. And if you’re interested in putting your mixology skills to the test then take a look at the recipes section of their website. You’ll need a few fancy-pants ingredients, like various bitters, coupe glasses and shrubs (whatever those are)…plus a few items I can’t even pronounce. But if you’re up for the challenge, go for it and let me know how it turns out. Just not sure about that shrub thing. Try not to be tempted by any food here. Sure, it might be tasty, but we are gonna be stopping at a huge indoor and outdoor market soon with every food choice you can imagine. So stay hungry!! You will thank me later. Next…head back the way you came in on Okie Street, hang a left on Fairview Avenue, then left on New York Avenue NE, staying on the left hand side of the street. Our next point of interest is about a 15 minute walk away, which is probably juuuuuust fine since you might be needing to walk off some of the alcohol you’ve been consuming. Don’t worry, the walk is mostly downhill at the end, and I promise to pop in and say hi from time to time just to make sure you didn’t wobble off in the wrong direction. Ok, let’s get walking!

Point #9

1231 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 343
  • Attraction : Directions

Please turn left here. And listen - I know this isn’t the most picturesque stretch of our tour. But, it really is the best way to get to our next destination. Besides, I’m gonna take you past the Humane Rescue Alliance and I feel really good about that.

Point #10
Humane Rescue Alliance

1201 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 318
  • Attraction : Animal Shelter

Raise your hand if you love animals! You are about to pass by the Humane Rescue Alliance. So if you’re in the market for a dog or a cat, or maybe a rabbit…whatever you’re into…stop in for a visit. I’ve always thought it’s best to make major decisions like pet adoption when inebriated. Good plan. Just don’t come crying to us later when you remember that you’re actually allergic to Fluffy. Please note that UCPlaces is not responsible for bad decision making while under the influence. But in all seriousness, shout out to the Humane Rescue Alliance! Every month they spay or neuter over 500 animals and find forever families for over 400. Great job! Please consider adopting! Maybe wait until you are sober though. Continue heading West on New York Ave. Wanna know where the Sidewalk Ends? It ends just past the Humane Alliance Rescue building. Did you get my Shel Silverstein reference? Cool. So when you get to where the sidewalk ends, I need you to cross the street heading west still, and then turn left on the sidewalk heading toward Mt Olivet Rd. You should be on the right hand side of the road. Follow it until you get to the intersection at Mt Olivet Rd. Turn right. When you get to the next intersection, turn left on Brentwood Parkway. Stay on the left hand side of the street.

Point #11

1201 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 102
  • Attraction : Directions

Remember, we are turning left here, and then walking up this hill until we get to Mt Olivet Rd.

Point #12

1021 Mt Olivet Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 110
  • Attraction : Directions

Here’s where we turn right and walk on the right hand side of Olivet Rd. That crosswalk signal up ahead is just waiting for you to go push its button.

Point #13

Brentwood Pkwy NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 1979
  • Attraction : Directions

Time to cross the street to the left. It’s all downhill from here. Yay! You probably wish you had a skateboard right about now. I’ve got a pretty mean skateboarding scar on my left elbow, but that’s a story for another day.

Point #14
Gallaudet University

Brentwood Pkwy NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 1097
  • Attraction : University

This long stretch of walking is the perfect way to sober up before our last distillery. We have a few more fun stops along the way though. I promise to keep you entertained. As you keep walking, let me tell you about something cool. Down the street and on your left is the entrance to Gallaudet University. It was founded in 1864 and is the only higher education institution specifically for deaf and hard of hearing students. How the university began is a pretty cool story. In 1856 a guy by the name of General Amos Kendall realized there were several deaf and blind kids in the Washington DC area who were being neglected. Kendall’s heart went out to them and he had the courts place them under his care. He donated 2 acres of his land and built housing and a school for them. Edward Miner Gallaudet was the first superintendent of the school and that’s where it got its name.

Point #15
Gallaudet University Football

1400 Brentwood Pkwy NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 237
  • Attraction : Football story

Ok so here’s the thing - I’m really into college sports so I’m gonna tell you about Gallaudet’s athletic achievements. You may be too drunk to care anyway, but here goes: The university is a member of the NCAA Division III and they offer every sport from basketball, baseball and football to soccer, tennis, swimming and wrestling. Did you know that the football huddle originated at Gallaudet? Yup, it did. Gallaudet football players noticed that the opposing teams were trying to read their sign language in order to try and guess which plays they were about to run. The solution was to huddle up so that the other team couldn’t see their signs. I thought that was pretty interesting. Carry on.

Point #16
Angelika Pop Up theater at Union Market

1300 6th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 187
  • Attraction : Theater

We are only about a block away from our next actual destination, but I wanted to point out to you that just down Penn St NE on the right is a cool little artsy movie theater. It’s called the Angelika Pop up at Union Market. If you are looking for a cozy microcinema experience, you should check it out sometime. The theater also has craft beer, wine and snacks. Keep heading south. Brentwood Parkway becomes 6th St NE. Keep walking south next to the baseball field. You might even get to see some Little Leaguers slug one out of the park! When you get close to the end of the baseball field you will see a huge white building across the street with the words “Relax. Your heart is stronger than what you think.” It’s a Yoko Ono quote. You know. John Lennon’s widow. Meet me at the crosswalk at the end of the ball park.

Point #17

1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 4
  • Attraction : Directions

Please take the crosswalk over 6th Street and prepare for something special.

Point #18
Union Market

1328 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 431
  • Attraction : Market

Ok friends, are you ready for this? Union Market is one of those places that you need to experience a few times. They have so many different types of foods and treats and just random stuff that it is hard to take in all at once. Donuts. I got caught up at the donut vendor but there is so much more! Get in there and explore and find something good to eat before we move on to our last distillery stop which is located on the opposite side of Union Market from where we are now. So fill your belly, then meet me at the other end of this building, where it meets 5th Street.

Point #19

1328 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 108
  • Attraction : Directions

Too full to drink more? NEVER! Take the crosswalk over 5th Street and then turn right. I know it looks a little shady, but it’s worth it.

Point #20
Cotton & Reed

1328 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

  • Distance : 0
  • Attraction : Rum distillery

Do you feel lost? Then you are in the right place. On your left is Cotton & Reed – the district’s first rum distillery. And since rum was a mainstay adult drink of colonial times, and in plentiful supply around these parts, how fitting that we highlight the beverage that was a favorite of our very first president! Mr. Washington even insisted that a barrel of the sugary sauce be available at his 1789 inauguration. Atta boy, George. Co-founders Reed Walker and Jordan Cotton became friends while working as strategists for NASA. And what do you do when you become burned out on the aerospace industry? You make liquor, naturally. The two men discovered they shared a passion for spirits at work happy hours (seems like a good place to figure that out), and decided to leave their desk jobs to get into the booze biz. Check out their tasting room for some yummy award-winning cocktails. Design wise…we think Cotton & Reed sports a “cozy-industrial” vibe, if that’s actually a thing. By the look of the place, it would seem the former NASA employees put their background to good use. They figured out where biology, chemistry, physics…and art intersect, then created imagery inside the bar and on the rum labels that's reminiscent of old science textbooks. The owners wanted to set up shop in what’s been largely a manufacturing neighborhood for the past 80 years, since…well, that’s what they do – manufacture booze. And you probably want to drink some, so let’s get to it! Cotton & Reed’s rums are quirky and complex…at least that’s how they describe them. But how do they taste? Well, check ‘em out! The sugar and molasses is sourced out of Louisiana, the wild yeast strains come from Belgium…but their process is all D.C., baby! I wish we had time to go over each product in detail, but with flavor profiles such as grassy and friendly with aromas of tea and hay, you’ll just have to give `em a taste and see what ya think. I on the other hand am either intrigued or frightened right now. Hmm. If you don’t have time today to sample any of their handcrafted cocktails, you can make them yourself! Their liquors are available for purchase from a number of vendors across D.C. – listed on their website: cottonandreed.com, under shop. Recipes can be found there too, under, um…recipes. Lastly, Cotton & Reed is open for tours, tastings, and private events. Sign up on their site, and note that tours last about 30 minutes, and admission includes a cocktail, an ingredient tasting, and a rum flight. Not too shabby. Well, that wraps up our tour of Ivy City's distilleries in the District of Columbia. I hope you had a fantastic time! Again, please drink responsibly. There’s no shame in an Uber ride home. I’ve had such a great time with you on this booze cruise tour! Please check out more of our tours on the UCPlaces app. Can’t wait to hang out with you again, but until then, so long, and happy touring!!