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Distance: 0.00mi , Attraction : Start
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728 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006, USA
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Let's Start!
Let’s get started! I need you to head toward the White House now. So go east on Pennsylvania Avenue. The entrance to the Renwick Gallery needs to be on your left. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you about it at the next stop.
Place #2
Distance: 0.00mi , Attraction : Historic buildings
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1602 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA
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Blair House
The Renwick Gallery that was on your left was established by the Smithsonian to host American contemporary craft, celebrating makers taking both innovative and time-honored approaches to their work. Often times, the exhibits in the Gallery are so popular that guests wait in lines for more than an hour to see the beautiful, but cutting-edge art and installations.

This National Historic Landmark was designed by architect James Renwick Jr. in 1858 and was the first building in the United States built specifically to be an art museum. While we have a lot of places on this tour for us to go see, if you have time later, this is one you’ll definitely want to come back and check out.
Now on your left is the Blair house. It’s the cream colored brick building with green shutters.
Technically a part of the White House complex, the Blair House has been called “the world's most exclusive hotel," "Uncle Sam's guesthouse," and "the best small hotel in Washington," and rightly so. Since 1942, the Blair House has been a hotel of choice for former presidents, incoming Presidents, and major leaders from around the world. Some of the Blair House’s more interesting guests include Margaret Thatcher, Ariel Sharon, and Emperor Hirohito of Japan.
It's so exclusive that when the Obamas asked to move in a little early so their daughters could start school on Jan. 5, the President-elect and his wife were told they had to wait their turn. ('SORRY, WE'RE BOOKED,' WHITE HOUSE TELLS OBAMA was the New York Times headline.) Apparently Australia's former Prime Minister, John Howard, already had dibs.
There are countless stories about the Blair House in the press – go ahead and give it a quick Google search and you’ll see! Let’s keep walking.

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Map Pin Place 1 Let's Start!
Map Pin Place 2 Blair House
Map Pin Place 3 Rochambeau Statue
Map Pin Place 4 White House South Lawn
Map Pin Place 5 General Marquis Lafayette
Map Pin Place 6 Freedman's Bank
Map Pin Place 7 Albert Gallatin Statue
Map Pin Place 8 White House Gifts
Map Pin Place 9 Old Ebbitt Grill
Map Pin Place 10 US Treasury Building
Map Pin Place 11 US Treasury Building part 2
Map Pin Place 12 Alexander Hamilton Statue
Map Pin Place 13 Directions
Map Pin Place 14 William Tecumseh Sherman Statue
Map Pin Place 15 Directions
Map Pin Place 16 Herbert C. Hoover Building
Map Pin Place 17 Boy Scouts Memorial
Map Pin Place 18 Directions
Map Pin Place 19 National Museum of African - American History and Culture
Map Pin Place 20 Directions
Map Pin Place 21 Directions
Map Pin Place 22 Washington Monument
Map Pin Place 23 Directions
Map Pin Place 24 Forest Service/Holocaust Museum/Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Map Pin Place 25 United States Department of Agriculture
Map Pin Place 26 USDA Farmer's Market
Map Pin Place 27 Freer Gallery and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Map Pin Place 28 The Smithsonian Institution Building
Map Pin Place 29 Enid A. Haupt Garden
Map Pin Place 30 Andrew Jackson Downing Urn
Map Pin Place 31 Arts and Industries Building/Carousel
Map Pin Place 32 Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Map Pin Place 33 National Air and Space Museum
Map Pin Place 34 The National Museum of the American Indian
Map Pin Place 35 Buffalo Dancer II Statue
Map Pin Place 36 Directions
Map Pin Place 37 Directions
Map Pin Place 38 Outdoor Botanical Gardens
Map Pin Place 39 Directions
Map Pin Place 40 United States Botanic Garden
Map Pin Place 41 Directions
Map Pin Place 42 Directions
Map Pin Place 43 President James A. Garfield Statue
Map Pin Place 44 Directions
Map Pin Place 45 Capitol Building
Map Pin Place 46 Directions
Map Pin Place 47 Directions
Map Pin Place 48 Rayburn House Office Building
Map Pin Place 49 Longworth House Office Building
Map Pin Place 50 Directions
Map Pin Place 51 Capitol Building Visitors Center
Map Pin Place 52 Directions
Map Pin Place 53 Library of Congress
Map Pin Place 54 US Supreme Court
Map Pin Place 55 United Methodist Building
Map Pin Place 56 Senate Park and Senate Office Buildings
Map Pin Place 57 Senate Park
Map Pin Place 58 The Summerhouse
Map Pin Place 59 Directions
Map Pin Place 60 Peace Monument
Map Pin Place 61 Directions
Map Pin Place 62 Directions
Map Pin Place 63 Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
Map Pin Place 64 Capitol Reflecting Pool
Map Pin Place 65 Directions
Map Pin Place 66 Directions
Map Pin Place 67 National Gallery of Art - East
Map Pin Place 68 National Gallery of Art - West Building
Map Pin Place 69 National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden
Map Pin Place 70 Anthony W. Simms Tunnel
Map Pin Place 71 Smithsonian Pollinator Garden
Map Pin Place 72 Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Map Pin Place 73 Smithsonian National Museum of American History

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