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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Historic Oakland Cemetery

Memorial Dr SE & Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, USA

  • Distance : 0.87
  • Attraction : Cemetery

We will start this tour off at Historic Oakland Cemetery, this is one of the largest green spaces in all of Atlanta. Among the beautiful gardens you can find the grave of Margret Mitchell, the author of Gone with the Wind. Here you can see various burials including Oklands tallest gravestone, a 60-ft obelisk commemorating the Confederate dead. Right beside it you will see a weeping marble lion, commemorating the unknown soldiers who died in the battle of Atlanta, the aftermath which is famously depicted in Gone with The Wind.

Point #2

2532 Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30312, USA

  • Distance : 1.39
  • Attraction : Directions

Turn left on Gain Street NE. Up ahead turn right on Jackson Street. Turn left on Highland Ave. Continue down Central Park NE until you reach Ponce De Leon NE Ave and then turn left.

Point #3
Mary Mac Tea Room

239 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA

  • Distance : 0.33
  • Attraction : Restaurant

As God as you witness, you will never go hungry at Mary Mac’s Tea Room thal’’ll you'll see on your right. Established in 1945 after World War 2 by Mary Mackensie, the menu and atmosphere has stayed the same over 70 years with even some people employed here for over 45 years. Enjoy southern classics like Georgia Peach cobbler, cornbread and Homemade Sweet tea better known as “tablewine of the south”. Mary Mac’s southern hospitality has invited guests from all over including The Dalai Lama, former president Jimmy Carter and Beyonce. You are guaranteed to be welcomed with the finest southern hospitality Georgia has to offer. Continue down Ponce De Leon Ave and turn right on Peach Street Ave.

Point #4
Livingston Restaurant and Bar

659 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA

  • Distance : 0.63
  • Attraction : Restaurant

Come dine and feel like a budding starlet in Livingston Restaurant and Bar located in the Georgian Terrace located on your right. Georgian Terrace was the venue for the Gone With the Wind premiere party gala. You can dine just like previous famous patrons such as Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable and Margaret Mitchell. Margret Mitchell may have gotten some inspiration for Gone with the Wind as previously she visited the Georgian Terrace as a debutante in 1920, performing a “scandalous” Apache dane at the time with her partners, securing herself on the blacklist from the Junior league Continue up PeachTree street, then take a left at PeachTree Plaza and then take a right onto Crescent Ave NE.

Point #5
Margret Mitchell house

97 Crescent Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA

  • Distance : 0.11
  • Attraction : Museum

Come see where it all began at the home of Margaret Mitchell, located on your right. Margret Mitchell and her newlywed husband John Marsh moved into the first floor apartment of this home in 1925 and nicknamed it “The dump”. It's here that she infamously wrote her one and only book, “Gone with the Wind” which would go on to win her a Pulitzer prize and become the most successful movie of all time. The guides will give you an in depth back story of Mitchell's life, as well as factoids about what got cut out of the final draft of Gone with the Wind. Did you know Scarlett O’hara was almost named “Pansy''? Good call on the editor’s part.

Point #6
Tour Continuation Warning

Midtown, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA

  • Distance : 0.48
  • Attraction : Directions

It is at this part of the tour we will continue on to the neighboring town of Marietta as well play some car ride trivia, so I hope you were paying attention. The car ride will be about 25 minutes outside of Atlanta, so if you would rather stay here and visit all the locations with-in the city limits feel free to exit out, you can also complete the second part of this tour at any time that is convenient to you. Now on with our Journey! Turn right onto I-84 N and then merge onto I-75 North

Point #7
Road To Tara Museum

1100 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA

  • Distance : 1.68
  • Attraction : Museum

This is a great time to mention some more Gone With The Wind stops not covered on this tour. Just south of us is the Road to Tara Museum located in Jonesboro, Georgia. Jonesboro is actually deemed “Home of Gone on the Wind” by Margeret Mitchell's brother. Mitchell’s grandparents lived on a plantation just outside the town and led to the inspiration for Gone with the Wind. This museum offers relics of the 1939 world premiere including the Loews Theatre’s Grand Marquee and authentic lobby posters. This museum offers an extra level of historic context by giving information on the town of Jonesboro and its role in the civil war.

Point #8

1551 Walthall Ct NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA

  • Distance : 2.66
  • Attraction : trivia

On your left you will actually pass the Maragret Mitchell neighborhood, named after yours truly. Trivia Time! Did you know Clark Gable was a trickster on set? When Rhett pours Mammy a drink after the birth of bonnie would pour alcohol into the decanter instead of tea without Hattie Mcdaniel’s knowledge. How's that for an on set wake me up? Another factoid about our leading man is he actually threatened to boycott the premiere where he found his fellow African-American cast members would not be allowed to attend the premiere in segregated Atlanta. It was McDaniel herself who convinced him to go.

Point #9
trivia banter

1180 Margaret Mitchell Ct NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, USA

  • Distance : 1.24
  • Attraction : trivia

With all this trivia, I bet you will win next week’s Jeopardy game or the next family night of Trivia Pursuit!

Point #10
More Trivia

3520 Northside Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, USA

  • Distance : 2.63
  • Attraction : trivia

It's often known that Gone with the Wind is the top grossing film but did you know it was the first Color film to win an Academy Award for best picture? A fun behind the scene tid-bit is that when producing the infamous shot of all the dead confederate soldiers, the screen actors guild only had 1500 extras to offer the production team, so the 1000 of the extras were supplemented with dummies instead. Quick! Lightning round, to see if you were listening. What year was the book “ Gone with the Wind published? 1936! How many days did it take to shoot “Gone With the Wind''? If you answered 125, you are correct! Wow, you can use your knowledge to win the next game trivia pursuit!

Point #11
Civil War

3595 Cumberland Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, USA

  • Distance : 2.82
  • Attraction : Battlefield

If you would like some more Civil war stops near the Atlanta area, I highly recommend heading over to Cascade Springs Nature preserve. Here you will see the battle site of the Battle of Utoy Creek. The Battle of Utoy Creek was fought August 4–7 in 1864 as part of the Atlanta campaign of the Civil War. Here you will see remnants of trenches that were fought over 150 years ago today!

Point #12

1755 Collingwood Dr, Marietta, GA 30067, USA

  • Distance : 1.43
  • Attraction : directions

Take exit 263 toward Marietta, then follow South Marietta Parkway to Powder spring Street.

Point #13
Welcome to Marietta

1804 Ashborough Way SE, Marietta, GA 30067, USA

  • Distance : 4.32
  • Attraction : Town center

Welcome to Marietta, a small quaint town with its own series of history. The Battle of Marietta, which was a series of military operations took place in Marietta during the Civil war on June 9th through July 3rd 1864, you will find remnants through of Marietta's deep history through out the city, making it feel like you’re living in the same era as Rhett and Scarlet.

Point #14
Gone with The Wind Museum

472 Powder Springs St SW, Marietta, GA 30064, USA

  • Distance : 3.20
  • Attraction : Museum

Welcome to the Marietta Gone with The Wind Museum. The museum is housed in historic Brumby Hall, built in 1851 makes a perfect background to the extensive collection of memorabilia you will find here. Some highlights include original costumes and scripts from the movie as well Margaret Mitchell's personal volumes of the novel, and an educational display dedicated to the African American cast members, including Oscar-winner Hattie McDanieal. This museum also has a beautiful garden that's worth a stroll.

Point #15
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield/ Ending

1478 Dallas Cir SW, Marietta, GA 30064, USA

  • Distance : 0.00
  • Attraction : Battlefield

It's only fitting to end this tour at a Civil War battlefield to history to give some context to the turmoil Scarlett O’Hara was experiencing. We are at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield. Here you can visit the site of the battle of Kennesaw Mountain which is considered a keystone battle in the Atlanta Campaign. On July 27,1864, Union and Confederate armies collided in a large-scale frontal assault. Although it was considered a Confederate win, their defenses were left open and exploited by the Union and were forced back as the Union pressed on towards Atlanta. The Atlanta campaign is credited with accelerating the end of the war. This ends our tour of Gone with the Wind. Want to learn and explore more of the Atlanta area? See Harvery’s tour of Atlanta here. Harvey is a Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams as well as a certified baker and butcher. If what you’ve seen today has made you interested in looking into moving here permanently, you can contact him at 404-999-0087 or reach him through his website at harve johnson.kw.com. After all, tomorrow is another day!