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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Map PinSavska 6a, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Distance : 0.12   Attraction : Parking and bus stop
POI 1 Tour Image
Meeting point

This is a starting point. You can see in front of you a post office building. As you can notice on your right side, there is a big monument. You need to go straight and you will see the crosswalk on your left side. When you cross the street, you will be in front of monument of Stefan Nemanja.

Point #2
Map PinBeograd, Савски трг 2, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Distance : 0.19   Attraction : Monument of Stefan Nemanja and Former Main Railway Station
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The latest attraction

And now, we are at the beginning of journey through Belgrade! The big sculpture in front of you is the monument of serbian medival ruler Stefan Nemanja. Stefan Nemanja was the founder of the Serbian medieval Nemanjic dynasty and one of the most important rulers of Serbian empire. The period of his rule is considered very important in Serbian history. In that way, it represents the highest monument on the territory of Serbia. The monument was unveiled on January 27, 2021. The monument represents the ruling figure of Stefan Nemanja in the aristocratic livery. On the pedestal are reliefs from Nemanja's life and Serbian history during his reign. On the outside of the pedestal, the Studenica Monastery and the Hilandar Monastery are shown, the two most important endowments of Stefan Nemanja. Other reliefs are made in the image of Serbian frescoes, and one of them is a lineage of dynasty Nemanjić.
Behind monument is located building of former main railway station. It is interesting to know about this old station is that first train from this station left on August 20, 1884, with all the court honors. The station building is large, it has about a hundred rooms. Above the entrance is the clock, one of the first public clocks in Belgrade. Due to the needs, the building of the former Main Railway Station should be turned into a museum or gallery. Due to needs of project "Belgrade waterfront", building of railway stations is reordered. Turn to the right side and we will continue straight until we reach the crossroad of Balkanska and Admirala Geprata street and it wil be our next point of interest.


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