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Places (POIs) visited during this tour

Place #1
Distance: 0.45mi , Attraction : hiking
Map Pin
198 Grey County Rd 119, The Blue Mountains, ON N0H 2E0, Canada
POI 1 Tour Image
Bruce Trail
Our first stop today is on the Bruce Trail, located on your left. Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest hiking trail, stretching over 900 km from Niagara to Tobermory. Waterfalls are common to see on this trail as well as the famous Niagara Falls, which can be reached from this trail.

Bruce Trail often holds “end to end” events which challenge hikers to hike the entire trail. The current Record holder is Karen Holland who hiked the entire trail in less than 9 days!

The Blue Mountain section of the trail has some high elevations that may not be suitable for all fitness levels but the views make it worth it if you're up for the challenge!

Place #2
Distance: 1.98mi , Attraction : skiing
Map Pin
223-401 Scenic Caves Rd, The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0P2, Canada
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Scenic Cave Nature Adventures
Our second stop on this tour is Scenic Cave Nature Adventures located on your right. Scenic Caves is your outdoor winter playground, nestled in the highest point of the Niagara escarpment. Enjoy 27 km of ski routes with a wide range of difficulties and breathtaking views.

Want something more unique? Try Snowshoeing! With snowshoes that attach to your boots, you’ll be able to walk across Ontario's largest suspension bridge and see the amazing 10,000 km view of the Georgian Bay that can only be experienced here.

Got small ones in tow? No problem! The Children's Adventure Playground is open year-round. This playground offers unique structures that challenge and engage all ages. This is a great stop in-between activities or as the last stop before leaving, to burn off any leftover energy.

Whether you’re a first timer on the slopes or someone who wants to hone your skills, Scenic Caves has got you covered. They offer onsite ski-lessons to help you encase your performance and keep you safe.

Continue straight on Scenic Cave Road.

Place #3
Distance: 0.80mi , Attraction : Ski Resort
Map Pin
148 Campbell Crescent, The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0P9, Canada
POI 3 Tour Image
Blue Mountain Resort
Welcome to Blue Mountain Resort that will be coming up on your left. Did you know Blue Mountain averages about 750,000 lift tickets per year, making it the third busiest ski resort in Canada as well as being one of the biggest ski resorts in Ontario.

To keep up, Blue Mountain offers over 1,000 different accommodation units in its one of a kind ski village. Enjoy everything from luxurious suites to more traditional styled family cottages. Whatever your lodging needs, Blue Mountain has everything you need.

Enjoy traditional ski slopes as well as alpine tubing, fat biking, a freestyle snow park and even an all seasons water park, all located here.

Got young ones in tow? Blue Mountain offers snow school, which helps young ones learn the slopes and has programs for all difficulties and age ranges.

Place #4
Distance: 2.37mi , Attraction : Mountain
Map Pin
Blue Mnt Inn, The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0P7, Canada
POI 4 Tour Image
Blue Mountain Name
While you look at the great views on your left of Blue Mountain, let me tell you a little more about this Mountain. The Blue Mountain wasn’t always called Blue Mountain, previously it was known as “The Whitby Formation”.

The earliest use of the name Blue Mountain was 1928, but no one really knows for sure when people started using the now infamous name.

Did you know the mountain is actually not blue? It appears blue to natural phenomena due to the distance of the mountain and the amount of light that reaches you, making the mountain appear blue.

Continue straight on Monterra Road and then take a right up at route 34.

Place #5
Distance: 1.79mi , Attraction : Spa
Map Pin
155 Simcoe County Rd 34, Collingwood, ON L9Y 0W4, Canada
POI 5 Tour Image
Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain
Want a way to warm up from the cold? Why not warm up in the hot baths of The Scandinave Spa located on your right. Enjoy rejuvenating hot baths surrounded by beautiful pine and maple trees. Try a refreshing eucalyptus steam bath or relax in their state of the art Infrared saunas.

Silence is honored here at the spa and heavily enforced, so make sure to leave your phone in a locker to truly enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Got some knots or tight muscles? Book a massage with one of their on-site massage therapists. Try out a hydrotherapy circuit to help promote recovery after a long day of skiing or hiking.

In the warmer months, enjoy Forest Bathing on their own nature trail on the property. Did you know Forest Bathing has been proven to reduce stress and boost the immune system?

Make sure to take a left up at Mountain Road.

Place #6
Distance: 1.21mi , Attraction : Ski rentals
Map Pin
432-260 Mountain Rd, Collingwood, ON L9Y, Canada
POI 6 Tour Image
Banff Sport Collingwood
Do your skis need a tune up? Banff Sport Collingwood has you covered for all your skiing needs. Banff has been serving the skiers and snowboarders of Collingwood since 1989 and has seen Blue Mountain grow over the years. Started by skiing enthusiast Brain Stewart, Brian and his team will make sure you have the equipment you need to enjoy Blue Mountain.

Did you know they do more than just service your equipment? Whether you need a new snow blade or are looking to upgrade your board, Banff has got it. If you’re not ready to commit to the sport yet, they offer rentals of everything you need from skis to snow boots and goggles.

Continue straight on Mountain Road

Place #7
Distance: 0.86mi , Attraction : Restaurants
Map Pin
524 ON-26, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4M3, Canada
POI 7 Tour Image
NorthWinds Brewhouse and Kitchen/ The Smoke
Add some color to your cheeks at the Northwinds Brewhouse and Kitchen located on your left. Their small batch beers guaranteed freshness and bold flavor. This a great place to have some great food and great conversations with other alpine enthusiasts on a cold day

If you can’t choose a beer, go for their skate flight, enjoy 14x 5oz glasses of all the Northwinds classics, served on, you guessed it, a skateboard.

If you’re looking for something more filling, try their Coconut Curry Mussels, the spice will be sure to keep you warm and toasty.

On your right we will be passing The Smoke, your stop for some authentic BBQ. There's nothing better on a cold winter's day than a plate of smoked BBQ wings or savory pulled pork

Continue straight down first street.

Place #8
Distance: 0.63mi , Attraction : Museum
Map Pin
30 Huron St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4Y3, Canada
POI 8 Tour Image
Collingwood Museum/ Iron Skillet
If the weather is bad, don't worry, you can still have fun. Head down on the street on your right and you will pass the Collingwood Museum. Located in Collingwood’s 1873 train station, this museum has way more to offer than just Collingwood’s transportation history.

You'll learn all about Collingwood’s shipbuilding legacy as well as popular curiosities like twisted metal recovered from The infamous Halifax explosion or a bill from a sawtooth shark.

On your left we will pass the Iron Skillet, a local favorite. The Iron Skillet has been around since 1991, opened by Chef Tony Sesenberger and his wife Doris.

You’ve got to visit on Wednesday night for Schnitzel night. Tony’s Austrian background makes him a master at schnitzel

Believe me when I say this is the best schnitzel in Ontario.

Place #9
Distance: 4.27mi , Attraction : Beach
Map Pin
Sunset Point, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4Y3, Canada
POI 9 Tour Image
Sunset Point Beach
The last point on our tour is Sunset Point Beach. You’ll see the scenic Nottawasaga Bay in front of you. Like the name suggests, this beach is perfect to watch sunsets. If you want to take a walk on the waterfront, there's a 60-km trail that runs through the park, perfect for a hike or snowshoeing.

Make sure to check out the Inukshuk statue at the park as well. This stone sculpture has historically been used by indigeionous peoples of the Arctic, as a navigation or travel marker.

That concludes our tour of The Blue Mountains. If you want to learn more about the Simcoe County area, make sure to give Carole a call at 705-790-1463 or send her an email at carole.kneeshaw@exprealty.com.

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