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Hello, and welcome to this UCPlaces tour of Midland’s best neighborhoods. I’m Stephen, and I’ll be showing you around today on behalf of our local expert, Jenn Roussin. Jenn is an agent with JP and Associates REALTORS in the Permian Basin area of West Texas. If you’re looking for your next home in Midland, Odessa, or the surrounding counties, give Jenn a call at (210) 325-4377 or send an email to her at jennroussin@gmail.com. She’ll help you find the perfect place for your family at the perfect price. All right, let’s get started with the tour. Follow the GPS navigation to Urbandale, located right in the heart of the city.

Places: 10 POIs Distance: 23.82 mi Duration: 1h:41m

Welcome to one of Texas’ most prized locations, the lovely Lake Conroe! First developed here on the Western Fork of the San Jacinto River in the 1970s as an alternate water source for the City of Houston, the lake's stunning beauty has lent Lake Conroe its reputation today as a popular hub of lake life splendor. With 5,000 of its over 22,000 acres of surface water within the Sam Houston National Forest, the natural beauty of Texas is ever present on Lake Conroe! At an average depth of 20 feet, and 157 miles of shoreline, there is ample lakefront space for potential residents and guests of all kinds to have their wants and needs satisfied! Speaking of satisfying your wants and needs, let me introduce you to Jamie Bechtold, and his group of real estate guides who will help you the rest of the way! After retiring early from a position with a Fortune 500 company, Jamie Bechtold decided to combine his Doctorate of Business Administration with his passion for real estate and helping folks through this exciting time in their lives. Priding himself on prompt follow-ups and constant availability, Jamie and his group are very invested in their clients, and genuinely want what’s best for you! Having the right real estate agent is essential to finding the right home, and a good one can make all the difference in the world. Once this tour is over, they’ll be the perfect people to contact! For now, though, let's get started on our tour around the many magnificent neighborhoods of Lake Conroe!

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