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Hello and welcome to this UCPlaces Where to Live tour of Restaurants in Santa Clarita, California. My name is Shelly and I’m excited to be showing you around today on behalf of Fleischman & Associates Real Estate, who’s team services Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. They were built from the ground up by one of the area’s most successful agents, Larry Fleischman. Larry instilled the values of providing expert assistance that is built around the unique needs of each client. Fleischman & Associates boasts a roster of hundreds of satisfied clients, from seasoned homeowners to first-time buyers, investors, and home builders. Four principles you can count on from Fleischman & Associates are integrity, commitment, passion, and fun. If after this tour you would like to learn more about the Santa Clarita area, give Larry a call at (661) 370-4493 or send an email to Larry@FleischmanAssociates.com Ok, let’s talk about the tour. Santa Clarita has always had a strong connection with food. In 1887 Saugus Cafe on Railroad Avenue opened for the first time, and is still open to this day. They are the oldest still-operating restaurant in Los Angeles County. If a community can show love to a restaurant for over 100 years, you know that community can show love for you. Santa Clarita’s restaurant scene is one that must be explored. Their eclectic options show the diversity and heritage that thrive here. To get started, follow your navigation to The Social.

Places: 8 POIs Distance: 13.59 mi Duration: 48m