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Welcome to Prince Edward County, Ontario and this UCplaces tour of the fabulous wineries unique to the area, on behalf of local expert Cheryl Carrier. Cheryl is a proud mom of 3 active boys and an equally proud and supportive military spouse.She is consistently a top performing Realtor recognized for her skills and dedication to clients. Her ability to be relied on as a real estate professional, a volunteer and supporter of community events, lends to a positive effect for all the people in her community. Also, Cheryl likes wine and is excited to share with you this UCPlaces tour of Wineries in Prince Edward County. She would also love to chat with you, so give her a call at 613-242-9139 if you have any questions at all. We are going to start this adventure at Sandbanks Estate Winery. Just follow your navigation and I’ll meet you there! And as always, please drink responsibly.

Places: 10 POIs Distance: 31.8 mi Duration: 1h:45m