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Explore 3 UCPlaces digital self-guided tours in Atlanta

Welcome to the Historic America & UCPlaces audio walking tour of Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn neighborhood. Today you’ll be walking along the most historic stretch of road in Atlanta! The area is packed with American stories as Auburn Avenue is lined with amazing buildings, stunning street art, and powerful tales of Atlanta’s Black heritage. We’ll see where Martin Luther King Junior was born & raised, visit the places where he worked, and explore the community that nurtured him before ultimately laying him to rest. You’ll visit the spot where Ray Charles was discovered, where Hall-of-Fame hoop dreams began, and where the laundresses of Atlanta struck a blow for human dignity. We can’t wait to share this neighborhood with you! To get started, make your way to the intersection of Auburn Avenue and Peachtree Center Ave.

Places: 13 POIs Distance: 0.88 mi Duration: 43m

Hello there and welcome to this UCPlaces Where to Live Tour of Atlanta, Georgia. My name is Shelly and I’ll be showing you around this amazing city. In case you weren’t aware, Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and has the 10th largest economy in the United States. Atlanta’s diverse economy includes aerospace, logistics, medical services, information technology, film and television production, media operations and much much more. Originally it was founded as the end of a major railroad, but now it is actually a junction among multiple railroads, propelling major growth. Don’t be mistaken though - Atlanta is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and has rolling hills and dense urban tree coverage. It’s not just concrete and high rises. Well, should we go check some of it out? Ok, let’s get going. Our first site is Martin Luther King Junior Park. There’s lots to see there. Please meet me at the corner of Howell Street North East and Auburn Avenue North East.

Places: 12 POIs Distance: 21.45 mi Duration: 1h:16m

Hello and welcome to this UCPlaces Where to Live tour of Dunwoody, Georgia! My name is Shelly and I will be showing you around this fun city. So are we ready to talk about Dunwoody? Awesome! Why don’t you meet me over at the Dunwoody Nature Center at 5343 Roberts Drive. Please follow your navigation.

Places: 8 POIs Distance: 5.96 mi Duration: 25m