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Distance: 3.73mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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1000 April Sound Blvd, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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April Sound
One of the most expansive communities on Lake Conroe both in terms of size and amenity selection, April Sound is a perfect place to anchor yourself along the Lake’s sparkling shores! Spread across a thousand acres of serene rolling hills on the south shores of the lake, this gated community offers its own uniquely homey culture that includes 27 holes of pristine golf, 12 tennis courts, 5 swimming pools, restaurants, a marina, and all of your closest friends! You won’t have to go far from April Sound to have a great time! In addition to all the fun to be had here, the homes of April Sound cover a wide range of styles. From million-dollar lakefront properties, to amazing condominiums and townhomes, every potential home buyer has an amazing option here they won’t be able to ignore!

Place #2
Distance: 1.93mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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17813 N Blue Heron Cir, Montgomery, TX 77316, USA
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Blue Heron Bay
Welcome to Blue Heron Bay, some of the best lakeside living Lake Conroe has to offer. Blue Heron Bay is a quiet community of approximately 80 home sites, with a slow paced living atmosphere. Nestled among beautiful mature cedar trees with abundant wildlife, on cool evenings you may catch a glimpse of the neighborhood’s local bunny family! Blue Heron prides itself in the preservation of the local vegetation and wildlife habitats; a fact clearly evident in their small nature preserves. Head on by and take advantage of this quiet little lagoon, and allow yourself to daydream about spending your early mornings birdwatching, your afternoons napping, and your evenings on the boat.

A small gated community just off of Highway 105, the neighborhood is situated on a 21,000 acre reserve and offers a variety of mid to large-sized homes with an average range of 3000 square feet. Large lots, tall windows, covered docks, and picturesque serenity surround and envelop the varieties of homes here, and one is sure to be perfect for you!

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Distance: 1.99mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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1038 The Cliffs Blvd, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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The Cliffs
A quiet and private gated community located just off of Old River Road, The Cliffs neighborhood offers a luxurious lifestyle here on the southeastern shore of Lake Conroe. Within close proximity to multiple restaurants and shopping locations, The Cliffs is a getaway that’s still connected!

The waterfront homes here, many with vinyl canopied private docks, sit on ½ acre lots, while interior homes have larger 1 acre lots. No matter which home in this neighborhood you take as an example, though, the luxury factor here is palpable! With most of these homes having been built between ‘97 and ‘06, and ranging from $550k to $1.5M, each of the homes here fills the wants and needs of even the most pampered individuals! Come sit by the water, and enjoy the view of Walden’s signature hole as the golfers traverse its undulating fairway!
Place #4
Distance: 1.69mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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1042 Lake View Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Cape Conroe
Welcome to Cape Conroe! Located in the Montgomery School District just off of Hwy 105 near the intersection of Walden Road and 105, this community began in 1979, and is one of the older neighborhoods on Lake Conroe. Containing around 700 interior lots,170 waterfront lots, and about 60 townhomes on open water lots, Cape Conroe also features a private clubhouse available for private parties and events such as picnics and weddings. Residents here also enjoy access to Lake Conroe via a private boat launch facility and fishing pier, just off of which Largemouth bass over 10 pounds have been caught!. Fishing not really your thing? Cape Conroe also features a neighborhood park and playground for you and your family to enjoy!

Cape Conroe also has its own Property Owners Association, which is a non-profit organization made up of elected resident members. A wonderful group of people, and an even more wonderful community, Cape Conroe is just where you wanna be!

Place #5
Distance: 1.43mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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18703 Palm Beach Blvd, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Palm Beach Estates
Here at the base of Lake Conroe’s Walden peninsula is Palm Beach Estates, a small but utopic gated community with private streets and a small home owners association. Originally built by a prominent local developer in 1998, the homes here each have their own private water well! While the tax rate here is slightly higher than Montgomery neighborhoods since the city of Conroe annexed Palm Beach Estates in 2007, its proximity to shopping and other terrestrial amenities, as well as Lake Conroe itself, makes this neighborhood a magnificent retreat! Thinking about making Palm Beach Estates your new home base? The neighborhood’s closeness to both Stewart Creek Elementary and Montgomery Junior High ensure your kids won’t have to go far to get their daily dose of learning! Homes here range from the low $200k, to above $1.5 million for some lakefront properties, and have a median size of 4,897 square feet.
Place #6
Distance: 1.52mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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58 La Jolla Cir, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Del Lago Estates
Another incredible community here at the base of Walden Peninsula, Del Lago Estates is one of the most beautiful and prestigious communities in all of the Lake Conroe area! A separate neighborhood from Del Lago, which we’ll cover in a little while, Del Lago Estates occupies its own tiny private peninsula here in the Lake’s Southeast quadrant. Following La Jolla Circle, the exterior of this peninsula is dotted with wonderful estates sure to catch your eye! Both waterfront and waterview homes can be found in Del Lago Estates, all with easy access to the amazing amenities Lake Conroe has to offer! In total, the neighborhood contains 64 family properties, each with a median build year of 1998 and median size of 3,296 square feet. Further, the neighborhood is within close proximity to both Stewart Creek Elementary as well as Montgomery Junior High schools as well, making it a perfect location for your future family headquarters!

Place #7
Distance: 1.90mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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18937 Harbor Side Blvd, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Harbor Side
Occupying this quiet little corner of the Lake Conroe area is a secluded entry point into Lake Conroe itself: Harbor Side. An incredible community, Harbor Side is a tad further inland than some other neighborhoods, but is still a collection of waterfront properties. With immediate access to Walden road as well as the nearly private inlet the neighborhood runs along, homes here lie on some of the larger plots you’ll find in all of Lake Conroe, and range from 1 to 4 acres! Residents here not only enjoy an extra sense of privacy and waterfront access, but also a wealth of additional amenities including parks, walking trails, covered pavilions, volleyball courts, a fishing pier and private boat launch. Within close proximity to medical facilities, grocery shopping, and local schools, Harbor Side is more than just a vacation home neighborhood, but a perfect permanent residence.
Place #8
Distance: 2.23mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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56 La Costa Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Del Lago
Here on the South side of Lake Conroe’s prominent Walden Peninsula is the lovely Del Lago neighborhood, a flagship community here on the Lake! Centered around the recently renamed Margaritaville Lake Resort, which features a recently redesigned 18 hole golf course, guests and residents at Del Lago can expect a contemporary Texas experience. Retreat from it all and head to the St. Somewhere Spa, take the kids to the Jolly Mon Water Park, rent a boat, and more! As for the actual homes in Del Lago, they are all part of one of the original developments around the lake, and its 395 lots are divided into three sections, each just as wonderful as the last! In addition to the wonderful location, residents can also enjoy a private, family-friendly setting, reduced membership fees to the Margaritaville Resort, and a host of other amenities! Set your sites for Del Lago, and then set your worries aside!

Place #9
Distance: 1.32mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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12922 Walden Rd, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Walden On Lake Conroe
Synonymous with the Peninsula it occupies is Walden on Conroe, one of the Lake’s original communities! Originally planned for approximately 5,200 dwellings consisting of single-family homes, town houses, patio homes, and condos, about 1,200 lots remain undeveloped. With the recent surge of growth in the Houston metropolitan area, the communities at Walden and the rest of Lake Conroe have become increasingly diverse, and now include over 900 school age children. There are more than enough good reasons for that growth, and those reasons are more than evident in the wealth of amenities here including a privately-owned 536-slip marina, a pristine 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, trails, playgrounds, and a host of regularly scheduled activities. Whether you want to spend your golden years of retirement at the Walden Yacht Club, or raise your family amongst some of the most beautiful nature East Texas has to offer, Walden on Lake Conroe is one of the best places to be!

Place #10
Distance: 3.13mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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2 Lake Estates Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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The Estates Of Walden
Here on this corner of the Walden Peninsula, nestled within the greater Walden neighborhood, is the Estates of Walden, a premier subsection of the neighborhood. Located on the Northern side of the Peninsula, and directly adjacent to Safe Harbor Walden, the Estates are far and away one of the most desirable locations on all of Lake Conroe! Lake Estates Drive takes you in and out of this tiny offshoot neighborhood, and is essentially the private drive of these select residents! Being a premier section, though, The Estates do have a slightly higher price range than the rest of Walden, and range from $389K to $1.084M. Still though, the 76 single-family properties here average an incredibly spacious 4,162 square feet, and have a median appraisal value of $182.20.

Place #11
Distance: 2.15mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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11356 Grand Harbor Blvd, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Grand Harbor
Located just at the start of Walden Road, and right before the Walden Peninsula juts out into Lake Conroe, we can find the spacious Grand Harbor neighborhood. One of the larger subdivisions on the Lake, its 662 single-family homes encapsulate a fresh and unique sense of Texas luxury. With a median build year of 2006, Grand Harbor is certainly one of the newer communities on Lake Conroe! With a modest median household size of 3,531 square feet, and a value range of $338-795K, the scope of options each homebuyer has are also some of the best. Nearby we can find both the Margaritaville Resort, as well as the Walden Yacht Club, two of the most visited destinations on Lake Conroe. Not really trying to do much traveling at all once you’re here? Not to worry, this gated community offers jogging trails, volleyball and tennis courts, a massive 10-acre inland park, and a boat launch for all your lake life needs!

Place #12
Distance: 5.17mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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19930 Gemstone Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Nestled in the Eastern part of Lake Conroe, right before 1097 crosses over the Lake, is an idyllic neighborhood. This treasure is the Gemstone neighborhood! Occupying the area surrounding the synonymous Gemstone Drive is this slightly more private-feeling neighborhood when compared to the rest of the subdivisions in this area. Homes featured here are large, competitively priced single-family units with the older structures having been developed in 2000, while newer ones were built around 2006. The lots here are also relatively large at 1.25 acres, and most have private boat docks, and garages. Some of the homes here even have pools, and make it the perfect place for the only acceptable form of double dipping (once in the pool, then in the lake!).
Place #13
Distance: 1.41mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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6 Club Creek Manor, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Here on the Northeastern shores of Lake Conroe we come upon one of Houston’s premier gated, waterfront golf communities: Bentwater. 12.5 miles of shorelines outline a 1,400-acre master-planned community that offers a lifestyle characterized by both relaxation, and vibrance. With the wondrous Lake Conroe at its Southern border, and the sprawling wilderness of Sam Houston National Forest to its immediate north, Bentwater is uniquely positioned amongst the other neighborhoods of Lake Conroe. Anchored by the impressive Bentwater Yacht and Country Club, which features an unmatched 54 holes of championship golf, a 10,000 square foot fitness center, a Day Spa, Racquet Club, Guest Villas, Marina, and the all-private Grand Pines Golf Club. With world class dining, shopping, health care, and recreation options nearby, Bentwater’s amazing amenities are only further supplemented by its advantageous location! The pure beauty and splendor of Bentwater is hard to overstate; grand homes and manicured landscapes make it one of the most desirable neighborhoods on Lake Conroe.

Place #14
Distance: 0.44mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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118 Clear Water W, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Clearwater Cove
Characterizing our next neighborhood is also in its name; Clear Water Cove is centered around a private cove here on the Northern end of Lake Conroe. While “hustle and bustle” certainly isn’t a phrase most would use to describe life on Lake Conroe, the concentrations of activity that do exist here are mostly focused on the Lake’s Southern half, while the Northern half enjoys a calmer oasis supplied by the encroaching beauty of the Sam Houston National Forest. This little inlet community is perfect for families, and in fact contains 104 single-family homes. Covering a wide variety of eras and styles, the homes of Clear Water Cove sit on quarter-acre lots and have a median size of 1,684 square feet. Advantageously located just off of 1097, right before the bridge dividing the East and West halves of the lake, your own private slice of Lake Conroe is ripe for the taking here at Clear Water Cove!

Place #15
Distance: 0.89mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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16881 Falcon Sound Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Falcon Sound
Here nestled in the Northeast corner of Lake Conroe is a successful and prestigious private community: Falcon Sound. Just minutes from The Woodlands and Bush Intercontinental Airport, this modest 35-acre neighborhood is one of the more distinctive custom communities in the entire area! Offering a scenic, secluded lakeside setting of quintessential Texan beauty and tranquility. Situated on a private sound protected from harsh weather by a bulkhead, the homes here have private boat slips, underground utilities, and a private lakeside park with a swimming pool and pavilion for you and the whole family to enjoy! Speaking of the family, Falcon Sound is also located within the acclaimed Montgomery ISD, and also is nearby to a wealth of attractions and recreational opportunities like the Grand Pines Golf Club. With a median build year of 2007, the 58 single-family homes here are relatively new, and have values ranging from $167 to $655K.

Place #16
Distance: 0.40mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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16611 Hunters Trail, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Falcon Point
While our next community is still in the early stages of development, considering the significant growth Lake Conroe has seen over the past several years, it’s absolutely one of the better investments potential residents can make here on the lake! Not many opportunities to claim beautiful brand new lots come along here on the lake, but Ashwood Homes is making it possible for future residents here at Falcon Point! When complete, 11 tailor made residences will all have their own unique spin on the luxurious Texan splendor that Lake Conroe has been famous for for decades! With a minimum square footage of 3000 square feet, you can clearly picture the magnificence the spectacular setting of Falcon Point will offer its future homes and residents! The lake lifestyle is calling your name, and the schools of Montgomery ISD will ensure you won’t have to move your family after lake season is over!
Place #17
Distance: 4.72mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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14004 Hunters Glen, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
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Hunter's Point
One of the Northernmost neighborhoods on Lake Conroe, Hunters Point is perched on the end of an adorable little peninsula, and offers a quaint, customizable lake life experience not just limited to yacht clubs and golf courses. Offering a beautiful assortment of homes as well as land, the Hunters Point experience is exactly what you want to make it! No matter what though, the ingredients for a good time will always be quality on Lake Conroe. Of the 42 single-family homes on Hunter’s Point, their median size of 2,126 square feet is a tad smaller than that of other neighborhoods, the median lot size is a tad larger than normal, and hovers around a third of an acre. With its land stretching out towards the Sam Houston National Forest to the North, the beauty of the forest stretches right back, and fosters the uniquely natural feeling of Hunter’s Point.
Place #18
Distance: 13.99mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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14522 Hillshire Dr, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 18 Tour Image
Bridgepoint on Lake Conroe
Just across the 1097 bridge here on the Northern shore of Lake Conroe we find the small and peaceful waterfront community of Bridgepoint. Away from the concentrations of activity on Conroe’s southern shores, the calmer waters at Bridgepoint are more desirable for those more interested in the laid back form of life! The wooded hideaway here is one those that yearn for the lake life dream of. Besides being advantageously located so close to the 1097 bridge, the neighborhood is also close to a wealth of attractions on both the east and west sides of Lake Conroe! WIth the Sam Houston National Forest to the north as well, Bridgepoint is perfectly nestled in between society and the great outdoors, just where you want to be when getting away from it all! Next up we have Corinthian Point, one of the most incredible communities on the shores of Lake Conroe!

Place #19
Distance: 12.40mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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14144 Lakepoint Dr, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 19 Tour Image
Corinthian Point
At the northernmost point on our tour we arrive at a neighborhood with similarly lofty surroundings. The slight peninsula of Corinthian Point stretches south here from Lake Conroe’s northeast corner. A community of 282 single family properties, Corinthian Point is encircled by Lakeway and Lakepoint drives, offering plentiful lakefront views. While its average build year of 1984 makes it one of the older communities on the lake’s shores, Corinthian Point’s amenities and continued development have helped it to remain one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the area. The Corinthian Point Yacht and Racquet Club, one of the finest you can find, in addition to a private clubhouse, marina, and boat launch, headline the community’s various amenities. Head on by and check out one of Lake Conroe’s North Stars, and get lost in the beauty of the encroaching Sam Houston wilderness.
Place #20
Distance: 1.48mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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12822 Pelican Island Dr, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 20 Tour Image
Pelican Island
The Margaritaville Resort isn’t the only slice of island life here on Lake Conroe -- here on Pelican Island your dreams of a luxurious Caribbean summer can come to life. A small, exclusive offshoot, literally perched upon its own tiny island, this lakefront community is one of the most unique specimens this side of Conroe. Boasting 110 feet of waterfront per owner, and various available upgrades that include motorized boat lifts, and brand new appliances. Part of the attached Pelican Bay neighborhood, this gated community offers both fantastic views of the famous Lake Conroe sunset, as well as easy access to the interstate. But the interstate won’t interest you when you’re on the Island -- once you’re there we’re sure you won’t want to leave! Consisting of 2-3 bedroom single family homes with available remote controlled blinds, Silestone kitchen surfacing, and more, the homes on Pelican Island are a perfect place to settle down!
Place #21
Distance: 2.62mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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12754 Point Aquarius Blvd, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 21 Tour Image
Point Aquarius
Just south of the 1097 bridge is a beautiful community of 1000 homes. Here on the east shore of Lake Conroe, these 1000 homes make up the extremely popular Point Aquarius neighborhood. Guarded by a 24/7 manned security gate, the neighborhood offers a tranquil, private environment for families, retirees, residents, and guests of all kinds. Sporting not one, but two marinas, private boat ramps, tennis courts, disc golf, and plenty of open areas for picnicking. If a pleasant life on the lake with a welcoming small town feel is what you're looking for, Point Aquarius is more than suited to your needs! Whether you want to land some trophy bass, read the latest bestseller beneath whispering pines, or just hang out with the wonderful neighbors that make up this stellar community on this private peninsula! Spectacular sunsets and more await you here at Point Aquarius!

Place #22
Distance: 3.57mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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13575 Bunker Hill Dr, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 22 Tour Image
Lake Conroe Hills
A community of abundant trees on a lake known for its sport fishing, what more could you want? I’m kidding, because Lake Conroe Hills, in fact, has much more to offer than just fishing! For those who live here, going home is going to the “lake house”. Consisting of 631 single-family homes with a median build year of 2003 and a median size of 1,720 square feet, Lake Conroe Hills is one of the more well-rounded communities on Lake Conroe. With direct access to the 1097 bridge, Lake Conroe Hills is also a well-connected location, and is near to several shopping and dining options. Additionally, the community of Lake Conroe Hills consists of people just as beautiful as the surrounding area!

Place #23
Distance: 1.14mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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11266 Main Sail Loop, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 23 Tour Image
Harbour Town
If you’re ever out sailing on Lake Conroe on a foggy morning, the guiding light that shines across those calm waters is anchored at our next stop! Home to the one and only Lake Conroe Lighthouse, Harbour Town truly embodies its name. The neighborhood is truly a water-focused one, and its private marina is one of the most lovely on all of Lake Conroe. Besides the wonderful marina, Harbour Town is also home to a swimming pool, tennis courts, two sandy beaches, and the amazing Outrigger Clubhouse -- a beautiful facility with one of the most complete panoramic views you’ll be able to find in the area. Looking for the peace and tranquility Lake Conroe is known for? Why not go somewhere as connected with the lake itself as any, and come see why Harbour Town Club residents call this wonderful community home.

Place #24
Distance: 2.50mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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6998 Kingston Cove Ln, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 24 Tour Image
Seven Coves
Welcome to Seven Coves! Here on this peninsula that juts out onto Lake Conroe is this beautiful community that features amenities such as a year-long open pool, a marina of 4 floating docks with over 200 slips, and the Seven Coves Clubhouse for hosting events. A fishing pier was also built in 2013, in part with resident volunteers constructing a fish habitat underneath! There’s also plenty of fun to be had closer to dry land, and there are ample tennis and basketball courts for those of us who are more athletic to get a game in! Got the kids with you? Head on over to the neighborhood’s children’s playground and let them tire themselves out while you enjoy the warm Texas sun! The 667 single-family homes here have a median build year and size of 1998 and 2,019 square feet. Homes here are also located in the Willis ISD in Montgomery County.

Up next is Lake Breeze!

Place #25
Distance: 1.81mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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10708 South Lake Mist Lane, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 25 Tour Image
Lake Breeze
Here on the east side of Lake Conroe is a hidden, upcoming gem on the Lake. Lake Breeze’s name surely came when the builders first stood on the land that this master planned community would eventually stand, and noticed the tranquil serenity of the lake flow by them like an innocent breeze. While some development here is still ongoing, the growth around Lake Conroe in the past couple of years combined with the already amazing homes and amenities that exist in Lake Breeze make it an incredibly advantageous investment for hopeful future residents. With the clean air from Sam Houston National Forest drifting down from the north, and the lush vegetation and waters of the lake all around you, investments might unfortunately be the last thing on your mind during your time here! Conveniently located near I-45, Lake Breeze also offers extremely easy access nearby shopping and cities like Conroe and Houston.

Place #26
Distance: 0.79mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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9800 Twin Shores Dr, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 26 Tour Image
Twin Shores
At the elbow of the arm that is this peninsula we find a neighborhood that covers both its central shores. With Twin Shores Drive at its heart and flanked by East and West Shore Drives, Twin Shores is a uniquely positioned community. Just imagine enjoying a morning sunrise on the boat before a long relaxing day on the lake, then retiring with more than enough time to enjoy a dinner lit by Lake Conroe’s legendary sunsets! A well established neighborhood on Lake Conroe, Twin Shores offers a variety of single family homes that are sure to appeal to even the most stringent waterfront wannabe. Private docks, garages, new appliances, and much more are just a few of the amenities you can expect when picking out your future lake residence here at Twin Shores! Drop Jaime and the rest of the Bechtold group a line if living by the water under the shining sun is what you yearn for!

Place #27
Distance: 2.17mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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9105 Escondido Dr, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 27 Tour Image
Rancho Escondido
Here we are at Rancho Escondido! This gated community situated on a peninsula in south Lake Conroe consists of 54 homes, with a relatively new median build date of 1991. The community is accessible via boat and from Cude Cemetery Road off of Route 830. While it retains all the peacefulness and serenity of a tucked-away neighborhood, Rancho Escondido is still only a 25 minute drive from the city of Conroe. All houses in the community are on the water, and residents enjoy 2 regulation-size tennis courts, a 5-acre wooded park, and a boat launching ramp that anyone can use! All the homes have access to a trailer storage space to easily transport their boat to the ramp and get out onto the water. Does this seem like a good match for you? If so, you may need the help of the Jamie Bechtold Group as finding a listing in this selective neighborhood can be rare!

Place #28
Distance: 1.52mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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10477 Valley Dr N, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 28 Tour Image
Far Hills
A small community here on the eastern side of Lake Conroe, Far Hills exudes the spirit of vacation. Just drive onto the eastern side of this extended peninsula, and you’ll know exactly why residents and acquaintances of Far Hills alike all call it the Retreat on Lake Conroe. A neighborhood boat ramp, and a sizable private park are also available to residents, and are essential aspects of any Lake Conroe community. An amazing sense of togetherness exists here, and once you come and see for yourself you’ll know why! Watch through the trees of the park as the leaking sun sets over the majestic lake, and imagine how you could one day call this magical place home! With a 77318 zip code, the 48 homes that make up Far Hills are technically located in Willis, and range widely in value from around $150K to around $700k. An extremely active POA for Far Hills also exists, and helps to foster such a connected and vibrant community.

Place #29
Distance: 3.43mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
Map Pin
12564 Saint Peter Court, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 29 Tour Image
French Quarter on Lake Conroe
Home to the magnificent clubhouse called The Monteleone, the French Quarter is an amazing controlled-access community of recently built homes and lots still developing. Homeowners have access to an infinity pool overlooking Lake Conroe (sometimes referred to as Houston’s Playground), as well as a kiddie pool and hot tub. Reminiscent of southern coastal living, the waterways behind houses and lots here allow for residence to truly feel connected to the water. Plenty of room for docks, as well as easy storage and access of residents' boats, is also aided by these waterways, so getting out onto the lake is a breeze! Within the Willis Independent School District, the 82 single family properties here in the French Quarter employ some of the most unique architecture of any neighborhood on the lake, and have a relatively large median size of 3,456 square feet. For a quiet life on the water in the middle of Texas, the French Quarter on Lake Conroe is an ideal destination.

Place #30
Distance: 5.36mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
Map Pin
10561 Blue Bell Dr, Willis, TX 77318, USA
POI 30 Tour Image
Blue Bell Estates
Conveniently located here just south of 830 we find the lovely Blue Bell Estates. A quiet community that features both lakefront and inland homes that all feature a more comfy country feeling that native Texans might be used to! Stemming from the central thoroughfare of Blue Bell Drive, the properties of the estates grow along it like veins from a leaf, stretching down to the waters of Lake Conroe. Larger, more spread out properties are a hallmark of this community, allowing for each resident to have ample room for games, toys, and activities like boating, swimming, living, and lounging! Also nearby is the Lake Conroe RV and Camping Resort, so those who have a road boat of their own will be able to enjoy some RV camping without having to go far at all! When you think of Blue Bell Estates, think of the wonderful little retirement farm home you dreamt of as a kid, then open your eyes and call the Bechtold Group!

Place #31
Distance: 1.51mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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6010 Hendricks Harbor Drive, Conroe, TX 77304, USA
POI 31 Tour Image
Water Crest
Welcome to Water Crest! A few short miles west of I-45 and off of League Line Road, this planned community has tons of amenities for residents to enjoy. One of the things that makes Water Crest stand out are its nature trails which residents can hike. Water Crest is also a very pet-friendly neighborhood, with a brand-new vibrant dog park for homeowners to bring their furry friends to! The clubhouse also has 2 pools with bubbling jets inside. The communal playground has slides, swings, and tubs so the kids have something to enjoy too! And, like most of the communities featured on this tour, you can bet Water Crest has its own boat ramp and docking area so homeowners can get right onto the water. Water Crest is expanding, so if you want to claim your place in this neighborhood, you have to move fast!

Place #32
Distance: 0.61mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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9934 Pebble View Ct, Conroe, TX 77304, USA
POI 32 Tour Image
Pebble Glenn
Facing west onto the water is Pebble Glen on Lake Conroe! This community consists of 67 homes among sloped wooded hills on the eastern bay of Lake Conroe. One thing that you'll get living here, and nowhere else is the Pebble Glen Chili Cook Off! There are plenty of green spaces conveniently located closeby, including the John Burge Park at Shadow Lakes, which has 39 acres, pavilions, picnic areas, nature trails, an outdoor amphitheater, a playground for kids, and a 5,700 gallon rainwater harvesting system. For golf enthusiasts, the Panorama Golf Club is just a short 8 minute drive away.

Place #33
Distance: 3.12mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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12353 Bella Vita Dr, Conroe, TX 77304, USA
POI 33 Tour Image
Bella VIta
The appropriately named Bella Vita translates from Italian to "Beautiful Life" and the influence doesn't end there. Residents are sure to enjoy their own "bella vita" in this neighborhood filled with Italian-inspired architecture in each of their 54 waterfront and water view homes across two peninsulas. A short 8 minute drive away, homeowners can shop at the Outlets at Conroe shopping center, visit the childrens' amusement park with a petting zoo and pony rides at 7 Acre Wood, or enjoy a nice beverage at Southern Star Brewery. In the evening, nothing beats watching the sun set over the unobstructed views looking west onto the lake!

Place #34
Distance: 1.54mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
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6024 Longmire Pointe, Conroe, TX 77304, USA
POI 34 Tour Image
Longmier on Lake Conroe
Looking out over the base of Lake Conroe’s eastern arm is the lovely little cove occupied by Longmier on Lake Conroe. With several grand homes on the lake that would make even the most experienced lakelife veteran jealous. With nearly every lakefront property here equipped with its own private dock, access to the beckoning waters of Conroe couldn’t be easier! Spend some time on the lake, then head back to the pool for a climate-controlled dip! The residents of Longmier love living in this truly unique neighborhood, and hope that you would feel as lucky to live there as they do!

Place #35
Distance: 9.41mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
Map Pin
12344 White Oak Point, Conroe, TX 77304, USA
POI 35 Tour Image
The Villas at White Oak Ranch
For prospective homeowners over 55 looking for an active community to join, the Villas at White Oak are perfect. This spacious neighborhood features serene ponds, beautiful lake views, docks to launch boats, and plenty of activities. The Villas at White Oak even employ a lifestyle director to keep offering engaging new events for residents, such as MahJong, dominoes, water aerobics, bingo, and more. For panoramic views, there is a lighthouse overlooking the water that offers breathtaking sights of the banks on the opposite side of Lake Conroe.

Place #36
Distance: 3.32mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
Map Pin
2507 Sand Shore Dr, Conroe, TX 77304, USA
POI 36 Tour Image
Waterford Estates
If you are looking for a great location as a commuter to Houston or Woodlands? Well Waterford Estates would be an amazing choice because of its close proximity to Interstate 45. Of course we don’t wanna overlook the pristine open water views of Lake Conroe as well.
Homes in Waterford are nice and big, usually 4-5,000 square feet.You can also find a small group of non-waterfront homes that have the benefit of a private marina where you can keep all of your water toys.
Another big bonus here is that the restaurants and shopping plazas are just a stone-throw away. Well, if you can throw a stone for a mile. If you don’t feel like driving, hop in your boat and take an easy 5 minute ride to the water-front restaurants. You can’t go wrong here at Waterford Estates.

Place #37
Distance: 4.78mi , Attraction : Neighborhood
Map Pin
28725 Waikiki Ln, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
POI 37 Tour Image
Diamond Head
Diamondhead on Lake Conroe is one of those seasoned communities with large lots and tremendous views. If your home is on the water you will have a private dock and canopy cover. Are you looking for a weekend lake house or a permanent retirement home? Then check out Diamondhead! Most home owners here have been residents for over a decade so enjoy the small neighborhood feel! You also can’t go wrong with the private boat launch, community pool and clubhouse!

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